LinkedIn search interest has skyrocketed 172% over the past decade


Interest in LinkedIn has exploded over the past decade, with searches for the networking platform increasing by more than 172%.

The latest data comes from StockApps, which analyzed search traffic for LinkedIn from 2010 to 2022. The company found that in May 2022, LinkedIn attracted nearly 1.5 billion unique global visitors, up from 1.3 billion in November 2021. , searches on “LinkedIn” have increased by more than 172% over the last ten years.

“LinkedIn has become a must for anyone who wants to develop their brand”, writes Edith Reads, financial analyst at StockApps. “This reality is evident in the growing interest of professionals looking to share their skills and opportunities. Additionally, his interest in Google Search has increased from 29 to 79 a decade ago, underscoring the growing importance of the platform for connecting people. »

StockApps data confirms what WebProNews wrote about Friday when data from SearchAlpha was published stating that LinkedIn is a major growth engine for Microsoft. The data showed that LinkedIn has consistently seen steady average ARPU growth of 23%.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn also offers 277% better lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. Likewise, the platform offers a cost per click 12.84 times higher than Twitter and 4.4 times higher than Facebook.

One thing is clear: LinkedIn is not only a major growth engine for Microsoft, but as Reads points out, the platform is a critical component for any company building its brand.


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