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Disney fans rejoice! There is more original content heading to Disney + in October 2021.

Just like the Hocus pocus the witches say, get ready to go crazy with the streaming service’s second annual Hallowstream this year. Not only are there plans to add classic spooky movies, but new content including Just beyond and the Haunted Mansion of the Muppets – is also about to be previewed. Not to mention, just a week after its Disney Channel premiere, the new original film Under the envelopes will be available to stream through Disney +.

A remake of the very first original Disney Channel film, premiered in 1997, Under the envelopes followed the story of three children who accidentally bring a mummy back from the dead. In the modernized version, the story is pretty much the same, except this time the three children – Marshall (Malachi Barton), Gilbert (Christian J. Simon) and Amy (Sophie hammons) – come face to face with a group of criminals with the intention of selling the mummy, who is called Harold, to the highest bidder. While trying to save Hiccup and bring him back to his final resting place, the children find clever ways to outwit the criminals.

The remake was first announced in November 2020, as a “contemporary comedy remake”. At first glance, this is exactly what fans can expect to see when it premieres.

Besides movies, TV shows like Turner & Hooch and Doogie Kamealoha, MD will also be releasing new episodes throughout the month. But that’s not all! Just beyond is a new series inspired by the writings of gbumps author RL Stine. Each episode focuses on a spooky new story with a new cast of characters and introduces viewers to various supernatural creatures like witches, ghosts, and aliens.

While the fans wait for the next one Haunted house restart, they can also view the Haunted Mansion of the Muppets on the streaming service too. Darren criss, Skai Jackson and other notable names will be joined by the Muppets as they attempt to survive a full night in the haunted mansion.

Of course, Hulu also offers new releases throughout the month. If your mood is scary, then this streaming service is for you! If you are more into the fantasy realm, there are also a lot of new releases. All four Hunger games the films will be available for streaming with the Star Trek franchise. That being said, some movies and TV shows are also being removed from the streaming service.

Scroll through our gallery for a full list of Hulu and Disney + releases in October 2021.

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