Listen to Gerry Rafferty’s unreleased song, “Slow Down”



Gerry Rafferty, best known for his 1978 single “Baker Street”, can be heard in an unreleased track called “Slow Down”.

It’s from the posthumous album Stay blue, who arrives on September 3, marking a decade since his death at the age of 63.

The LP – which represents Rafferty’s first new material since its release in 2009 Life goes on – was assembled from incomplete recordings by Rafferty’s daughter, Martha, and includes a new version of “Stuck in the Middle with You”, her 1973 hit as a member of Stealer’s Wheel.

“The album appealed to many musicians who have worked closely with Gerry throughout his career,” PLG UK Catalog said in a statement. “One of them is guitarist Hugh Burns, who has performed on much of Rafferty’s catalog, including the mighty guitar solo on ‘Baker Street’. Renowned singer Katie Kissoon has performed backing vocals on many tracks, [with] Alan Clark, alumnus of Dire Straits, on piano and Hammond organ, alongside many other incredible musicians. While the album features many longtime collaborators, it also showcases bright upcoming talent in the form of producer Tambala, who co-produced and mixed the track “Slow Down”.

You can listen to the song and see the album track list below.

Gerry Rafferty, ‘Rest in Blue’ tracklist
1. “Still in denial”
2. “Full Moon”
3. “Sign of the times”
4. “You are all I want”
5. “I still love you”
6. “Wild mountain thyme”
7. “Slow down”
8. “It’s just the movement”
9. “Look at me now”
10. “dirty old town”
11. “Lost highway”
12. “Guardian of my soul”
13. “Precious moments”
14. “Stuck in the middle with you”

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