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A fatal car crash on July 19 tragically claimed the life of Hurt’s Jacob Doss at the age of 19. The impact of his passing not only on family and local friends, but also on the music scene throughout Central Virginia, reflects a talent beyond his years and a life well lived.

On Saturday August 7, several groups and solo musicians from across Central Virginia performed in homage to Doss’s memory. The event, hosted by Margi Murphy and Tim Rowlett, and titled From Noon to Moon: Jacob Doss Tribute Concert, took place at one of Doss’ longtime performance venues, Rivermont BierHaus in Lynchburg.

Acts from the noon to 9 p.m. event included Greg Cruz, Keith McFaden, Casey Wood with special guest Lilly Wood, Zach Burnette, Karlee Raye Trio, Andrew Washington, Grease Fire with Tim Rowlett, Christian Quisenberry and the Pete Turpin Band (the last act closing the day).

The musicians had all played or jammed with Doss during his short career.

John Austin Basten, co-owner of Rivermont BierHaus, recounted the connection between Doss and the restaurant (his co-owners are Rusty Goodwin and Pam Judd). “We started bringing in Jacob and his then girlfriend Karlee Raye to perform several years ago. They were only 16 years old. When they played Brauburgers (the old name of the restaurant) they blew everyone away. It was amazing that Lynchburg didn’t have one, but two such talented young musicians. “

Basten added that Raye did an amazing job during Saturday’s tribute. “They weren’t dating anymore, but she still adored him,” he observed.

As for the genesis of this tribute event, Basten explained, “Margi Murphy handles all performance bookings here. She approached me to have a tribute tonight and asked if I would allow it. I replied, ‘of course we will! Anything to pay homage to Jacob. It is for family and friends to remember a great musician and a young man. He was an old soul.

Originally, Doss was booked to play at BierHaus on Saturday, Basten noted wistfully. “Today was supposed to be him playing.” Instead, many local musicians and friends took up the torch and performed in his memory.

Murphy said: “I’ve been reserving him since he was 15. He was an amazing musician.”

Rowlett, guitarist and singer of the group Grease Fire, contacted the groups. “We are a tight-knit music community,” he noted. “Jacob and Karlee started playing in remote places and quickly built an following. By the time they got here, they brought in a crowd.

Doss was performing at a number of local venues, including 5th & Federal, Stony, Badger and Peaksview Brews, in addition to Rivermont BierHaus, Rowlett noted. He has performed with groups such as Pete Turpin and Apple Butter Soul.

Rowlett also commented on Doss’ positive influence, sharing his philosophy. “We should be musicians supporting other musicians, not competing. He always loved everyone through their music.

“It wasn’t just his music,” added Murphy. “He had such a big heart. He played with everyone and supported everyone.

Basten noted that at least one group traveled three hours to perform in memory of Doss. The musicians came to “play songs they had played with Jacob and share memories of him.” He described the event as “a celebration of the life of Jacob Doss”.

Doss influenced other musicians with his musical talent and his great love for others. Basten said an artist, Casey Wood, brought his 16-year-old daughter, Lilly, to play with him. “It’s good to see young people following in Jacob’s footsteps,” Basten commented.

The event included raffles, one of the prizes being a Statesboro SC Classic electric guitar built by Huss & Dalton Guitars (a Virginia company) valued at $ 6,040, Basten reported. The funds raised were used to pay commemorative costs.

Barbara Farmer, Jacob’s grandmother, attended the event, about which she said: “It’s amazing. Everyone gave themselves to their hearts content for this concert. Everyone loved Jacob, and Jacob loved everyone.

As for the loss of her grandson and its impact on the family, she said: “It has been really difficult. ”

She shared a special memory of Doss. “He used to sing a song for me, his grandmother: ‘Me and Mrs. Jones.’ He would say, “I’ve been singing it to her everywhere I go since I was in eighth grade and she told me I was going somewhere,” Farmer recalls.

The father of the deceased teenager, Philip Doss, commented: “It is such a wave of love and concern for us, his family. It was so short: 19 years old, and only a few years, he was in the public eye. People older than him loved the way he played. It warms my heart. It gives us the ability to deal with this and to know that we are not alone in this situation. “

What the father remembered best about his son was “that he was so humble and able to love everyone. He had no hatred in his soul. He loved God and he loved people.

If you missed this special tribute event in memory of Jacob Doss, another event is scheduled for August 24 at the Hill City Pub on Wards Road in Lynchburg. It is presented as “Homage to Jacob Doss – Open Jam Session”. The Facebook ad reads: “Bring your instrument and play, sing and rock as we pay homage to Jacob Doss!” The event is scheduled for 5:00 pm until closing, with all proceeds going to the Doss family. For more information, find the event on Facebook or by calling the pub at (434) 582-9001.

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