Man in frightening discovery while renovating shop under dental surgery 1950s


A Facebook user has told how ‘a few hundred teeth rained’ during renovations to a store below a 1950s dental practice, with the photo horrifying people on social media

A dentist stood in the Phenix Hall building in the 1950s

A man has told how hundreds of yellowed teeth were discovered while renovating a store underneath a 1950s dental practice.

Facebook users were horrified when they saw a photo of yellow, decaying teeth that was posted by Byron Carr on the Forgotten New Hampshire Pagein the USA

One person said it gave them a “serial killer vibe” and many others said how “scary” it made them feel.

Mr Carr wrote that it was when a shopkeeper was tearing down storefronts set up in the 1960s in Concord that the unsavory discovery was made.

He wrote: “In a retail space at Phenix Hall, the worker knocking down an old metal ceiling shouted, ‘Holy c***! He came down the ladder with five teeth that had fallen from the ceiling.

Hundreds of teeth have fallen under the old dental office



When the man returned to work, he found that many more were still falling.

“A few hundred teeth rained on him. He was a little scared for a while. Here are some of those teeth. My boss said there was a dentist on the second floor in the 1950s,” said said Mr. Carr.

He also realized that one of the teeth could have been his as he was visiting the dentist at a young age – which he claimed was creepy.

Mr Carr continued: “It makes one of those teeth mine. His desk was a little scary to me when I was a kid. All the dark woodwork and paneling, a dark chair and all those articulated arms with swirling pulleys and a drill at the end.

“To top it off, he was Alfred Hitchcock’s twin. When my second teeth came in, he said I had too many and had to pull one out. I had no say in it, but I thought at least the tooth fairy would leave some money tonight. . When he pulled the tooth out, he lost control of it and flew across the room ricocheting multiple times.”

The tooth was never found, but Mr Carr gave a clue as to how all the teeth could have come together as there was a hole in the ground.

“We never found it. I was really disgusted and crying,” he continued:

“It appears that when he swept the floor there was a hole near the steam heater pipe which was a good size to clear the sweepings away. I couldn’t find my tooth in that pile so no money…I wonder how much I could get if I put them all under my pillow?”

The picture of the teeth shocked people – especially those who hate going to the dentist.

“If I was the guy who found this, I would have vomited everywhere. Teeth are a huge fear for me. Uh, just uh! It’s like watching in a SAW movie! a woman wrote.

“This pic gives me a serial killer vibe,” another said.

“My fear of the dentist just escalated 1000%,” one woman said.

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