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“Paul Jennings’ stories have a place in the hearts of every Australian who grew up in the 90s, but I wonder if maybe they should stay there.”

As my daughters grew up I loved being able to nurture my nostalgia and watch TV shows and movies from my youth, for example, Alone at home.

So recently, after noticing their love for all things scary, one of my favorite shows in elementary school, around the twist comes to mind.

After a quick search, I discovered the series and skipped it without thinking twice. At the end of the first episode, I wondered if maybe I had made the wrong decision…

Don’t get me wrong, the Twists have a place in the hearts of every Aussie who grew up in the 90s, but I wonder if they shouldn’t stay there.

Why? Because scenarios are really twisted.

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Round The Twist by Paul Jennings is a cult watch and a children’s read from the 90s. Image: Supplied

The premise of the Paul Jennings books and subsequent television series is that the stories are twisted. With this in mind, WTF moments are expected, such as:

  • Ghosts (including ghost dogs and seagulls) that haunt exterior bell cranks, headlights and tips.
  • Green babies that literally appear in the cabbage patch and hold their breath when not being held by the 8-year-old boy who found it.
  • Cave dragons.
  • Racing frogs and an explicit scene of a toad eating one of its competitors.
  • Seagulls that have some kind of poop problem and a ghost seagull that defecates rubies.
  • Even gum sheets which, when played, impart hurt and hurt to the person who hears their piece all have my approval.

But there are some parts I’m not so sure about…

1. Lucky Lips (Season 1)

Pete is gifted with a very “lucky” lipstick from a fortune teller that makes him irresistible to all women within ten feet. This happens to include her twin sister Linda who very publicly (in class) passionately kisses her brother for all to see. His teacher (and his father’s love interest) follows suit, and a group of female pigs also get in on the action after he falls into a pig pen. There are a few issues there…

2. Skeleton on the Dunny (Season 1)

Aside from the creepy ghost watching the Twists do their grooming business, the really gross moment is when the three Twist kids go searching through fake teeth and poop-covered dentures at the sewer farm to find the fake one. Pete’s tooth after it was evacuated. toilet.

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around the twist

The Twist kids find a skull in the tip. Picture: provided

3. The Big Burp (Season 3)

I think as the show progressed the storylines became more questionable, which is evident with The Big Burp. In this ep, Pete becomes romantically involved with a tree and he becomes pregnant with their hybrid baby which he labors and burps into delivery.

4. Swirling Derish (Season 3)

So in this one, Bronson swallows a rare fish that magically hijacks his penis, turning it into a propeller that he literally uses to win a swimming competition. Because of course it is.

Aside from some of the very questionable storylines, I also have to interview some of the characters that appear in the show, the children’s TV series, may I add.

A Word About Matrone Gribble

Resident nurse, Matron Gribble (the antagonist, Harold’s wife) is so unethical that I don’t know how she kept her nurse registration.

I mean, there’s the moment when she physically pushes old Nell into her hospital bed as she tries to get up. But if that wasn’t enough, she then convinces the doctor in charge not to release her because she and her husband want Nell to miss her mortgage payments so they can buy her property. Pleasant.

Then there’s the moment when she tries to kidnap the Twists’ baby kale patch so she can leverage it for glory.

around the twist

There are questionable characters in the stories. Picture: provided

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Tony Twist is not a great dad

Sorry Tony, but your parenting skills are lacking.

I mean 99% of the time he is not sculpting and you never see him supervising his children, who are often on the go, probably without his knowledge. This includes in the middle of the night as they pick up a tip for a scull.

Literally the only time we see him really taking an active interest is when the kids start school and he accompanies his 8-year-old son Bronson as he sees the attractive teacher greet the students at the door. . Come on Tony.

The terrifying scarecrow…

An unnamed straw man comes to life wearing circus clothes and then licks his lips before chasing Linda around the lighthouse, smashing the front door glass and smashing a wooden door in pursuit. I mean CREEPY and so wrong.

And with that image in my mind, enough is said.


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