Ned Lamont and the CT Democrats failed in Connecticut


In less than 2 months, Connecticut voters can deliver the change we so desperately need.

Connecticut families are struggling. Democrats have no plan to make Connecticut affordable, so they’re looking to blame Republicans for the anxiety we’re feeling. The reality is that Ned Lamont and the Democrats have caused tremendous aggravation and despair to families by raising prices at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and in school supply aisles. The horrendous fiscal policies of Democrats like Jahana Hayes, Joe Courtney, and Richard Blumenthal plunged Connecticut into a recession. Skyrocketing crime, an open southern border is exacerbating the opioid crisis and the aftermath of a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan a year ago has voters wondering what exactly Democrats have to offer besides failures expensive and no hope for tomorrow.

Democrats enthusiastically backed Joe Biden’s expensive agenda, driving ever-higher inflation. The Biden agenda has resulted in rising prices, rising electric and heating bills, hikes in insurance costs, unaffordable property taxes, and wages that don’t keep up.

The Democrats have proposed trillions of dollars in taxpayer-funded government programs that will push inflation and prices even higher, give the government more control, which shows a complete lack of understanding for working people who are trying to survive. As families face mounting financial peril, Democrats in Hartford and Washington are watching Connecticut burn.

What did the Democrats do in Connecticut? Committed criminal acts to try to win elections, stole much-needed COVID funds from taxpayers, and paid for things like parades and raises for political appointments, all while making Connecticut one of the highest-taxed and unaffordable states from the country.

Joe Biden Many times promised Americans earning less than $400,000 they wouldn’t “pay a penny more” in taxes, and Ned Lamont promised he would cut property taxes by $700, but as Connecticut expects, Democrats are breaking those promises. The Democrats imposed on us $20 billion in new taxes, and according to non-partisan opinion Joint Committee on Taxation, Americans earning as little as $20,000 a year will be hit by more Biden tax hikes. Ned Lamont’s answer is raise the taxes on taxpayers. It’s infuriating that Democrats have decided to raise taxes while we’re in a recession, while passing costly legislation that will have a “negligible” effect on inflation.

Spending by Democrats has led to historic inflation and the “solution” proposed by Lamont, Hayes, Courtney and Blumenthal is to spend and tax more. These negligent policies have left voters with an abysmal economy. Food prices jumped more than 13% since last August, the largest increase 43 years. Food inflation has been on an upward trend for 15 consecutive months. The real average hourly wage fell sharply 3 percent over the past year, marking the 17th consecutive month under full Democratic control in which inflation exceeded wages. Because of the failures of the Democrats, Connecticut families paid more than $700 more in August for necessities than they did on the eve of Joe Biden’s accession to the presidency.

Thanks to Lamont’s fiscal incompetence, Connecticut is in the lower half of the states both for unemployment rates and recovered jobs. The Democrats have failed to protect us from rising crime. In 2021, Hartford experienced his deadliest year since 2003, with 35 recorded homicides, a 40% increase from 2020. In New Haven, there have been 25 murders in 2021 – the most in the city since 2011. Our children are literally dying on our streets and Ned Lamont said “on crime, we’ve done what we can do here.”.

Republicans have a plan to deliver greater opportunity and common sense solutions. Bob Stefanowski and the Connecticut Republicans are fully focused on cleaning up Hartford. Republicans understand that parents, not the government, should raise their children. Bob proposed eliminating some 200 taxes and fees that make Connecticut unaffordable. Republicans will immediately begin investigations into school construction, the state pier, and the West Haven COVID corruption scandals that have plagued our state.

We need to ask ourselves: Has our family’s financial situation improved? Are we better off today than a few years ago? Can we afford to live in Connecticut? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you’re ready for a throwback to Connecticut!

It’s time to fire Ned Lamont and the people who made the decisions that destroyed families, cities and security. Fire the Democrats who raised taxes, stole two years of education and social development from students, and made Connecticut unaffordable for families.

To make Connecticut the envy of the nation again, there must be a new vision and a new direction. We need new and innovative leadership that sees beyond next week, next year and, most importantly, the next election. This November 8evoters have a choice: keep electing Connecticut’s failed people and put us on the bot lane, or elect Republicans to lead our state and put us back on the path to prosperity, freedom, and success.

Proto is chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party


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