Nerf’s New Mascot Murph Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans


Nerf’s new mascot was officially unveiled last Friday, and while it’s unlike any other branded mascot people have encountered before, it’s something most fans weren’t expecting.

Who is Nerf’s new mascot?

Nerf’s new mascot is called Murph, an anthropomorphic character who uses the non-binary pronouns “they” and “them”. Made up of head-to-toe Nerf darts, Murph is the brand’s first-ever mascot and is described as “the most fun, playful and social member of the NERF team”.

According to a press release announcing the mascot’s debut, Murph is the personification of the playful spirit. He’s a natural athlete, excellent at NERFoop, and an expert at NERF Super Soaker surprise ambushes. They can also launch a Nerf Vortex Football like no other and are a fantastic shooter with any Nerf blaster.

“The launch of Murph is a testament to the success of Hasbro’s Brand Blueprint strategy and the transformation of Nerf into the social and active gaming brand it is regarded today,” said Adam Kleinman, SVP & GM, Nerf, Hasbro, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to introduce fans to Murph, a mascot that represents the playful spirit that lives in us all and is unleashed through Nerf.”

Created in partnership with advertising agency The Martin Agency, Murph is at the center of the brand’s new multi-year marketing campaign Unleash the game within you, which encourages families to step away from their screens and get up and get active with Nerf to create memories that will last a lifetime. As part of the campaign, Murph is expected to appear in Nerf ads, POS and social media later this month.

What do people think of Murph, Nerf’s new mascot?

Many fans couldn’t tell exactly what Nerf’s new mascot was after seeing Murph for the first time. Some people have made fun of Murph’s look, with a number comparing the mascot to similar-looking pop culture characters and inanimate objects.

Others, meanwhile, are less concerned with Murph’s appearance and are more interested in learning more about the mascot’s anatomy.

Despite Murph’s unusual look and the many mysteries surrounding their structure, a few fans love Nerf’s new mascot for who they are.



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