Netflix Texas Texas Chainsaw Massacre Increases Leatherface Death Toll


Leatherface didn’t have as high a kill count as other slashers. But Texas Chainsaw Massacre takes it to new heights in classic bloody style.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, now streaming on Netflix.

Aside from an iconic look or weapon, one of the biggest factors that make some slashers iconic is their kill count. For example, across more than ten films, Jason Voorhees has racked up an impressive body count that makes him a tough act to track. However, killers like Freddy Kreuger may not match his numbers, but make up for it with their creativity. In this spirit, Chainsaw MassacreLeatherface is closer to the bottom of the list. But thanks to a scene from the latest film, his death toll hit big numbers.

Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel to the 1974 original and sees Leatherface lead a more docile life in the ghost town of Harlow, Texas. But when a group of children buy the town in hopes of bringing it back to life, its peace is taken from it and it reignites its violent tendencies. So rather than chase them, Leatherface relies on his oldest tactics and uses his trusty chainsaw to exact revenge. One scene sure to be an instant hit involves Leatherface and a large party bus full of potential Harlow residents.

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When Leatherface begins his attack, he is unable to kill Melody (Sarah Yarkin) during his initial rampage. As she and her sister Lila (Elsie Fisher) attempt to escape on a bus carrying the town’s newest residents, they try to get away quickly. Instead, Leatherface cuts the ties and decapitates the conductor. The scene, which is first teased in the trailer, then shows Leatherface facing the bus of young adults partying, and as they all point their cameras at him, he begins to cut them one by one. a.

The scene features some of Leatherface’s most violent victims, with one man being hoisted up by a chainsaw and another almost cut in half in the shoulder. In the past, Leatherface often used his chainsaw to stab and slash, and while his kills were often notable, they never quite crossed the line in shock horror like what is shown. There’s a rage in this iteration of Leatherface that hasn’t been seen in his story. As a result, he becomes more terrifying than ever.

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Another factor that makes this scene the Chainsaw Massacre the most gruesome and shocking thing about the franchise is its location. Being trapped on a bus with a chainsaw killer isn’t ideal. As each member is brutally sliced ​​or halved, the feeling of impending doom and claustrophobia begins to set in. The neon lights also induce a dreamlike frame from which it seems almost impossible to escape. Leatherface has never been placed in such a situation where he can lash out, and he does so with an incredible ferocity that makes the fear of the main cast all the more believable.

Chainsaw Massacre delivers unique kills and clever twists fans won’t see coming. But the most striking scene will undoubtedly be the bus massacre. From its framing to the killings that take place on the bus, it’s a scene that will have even die-hard fans squirming in their seats. The scene may not push Leatherface’s kill count with the other greats, but by killing at least a dozen people in one frame, it shows that he still deserves to be on the list and that he’s one of the most brutal slashers around.

To see Leatherface’s bloodiest murders to date, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is streaming now on Netflix.

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