New Beach Boys and Beatles Documentaries Streaming Thanksgiving Weekend


Move over the holiday classics; two new music documentaries will keep you comfortable and nostalgic in front of the TV this holiday weekend. The highly anticipated three-part documentary The Beatles: Come Back from the director of Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson debuts today (11/25) on Disney +, with parts two and three on Friday (11/26) and Saturday (11/27), respectively. As Peter Jackson said to United States today, it aimed to give a more positive turn to the So be it sessions, which were documented as a “miserable time” for the group in the original So be it movie. When Jackson looked through the footage from these sessions, he saw something much more positive.

“It’s really happy. It’s not what you think,” Jackson told Paul McCartney. “Every negative twist you can imagine has been made by different (biographers) over the years, and to be honest, by the Beatles themselves. something completely different. “

Meanwhile, the Beatles’ old friend, rival, influence and fellow pop innovator Brian wilson is the subject of the documentary that has just been released Brian Wilson: long road promised, which is available to watch on YouTube, Apple TV, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video for $ 6.99.

“As a fan, I knew there was still an element to [Brian’s] life that had not yet been captured, “director Brent Wilson (unrelated) told Internal hook. “And it’s really kind of that third act of his life. I just found it fascinating. Because I had seen him live several times, and here is a guy in his sixties doing something. he was afraid to do at 25. So who is this person? How do you get to this place? ” The film presents Rolling stone editor Jason Fine driving with Brian, listening to music and interviewing, plus interviews with Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters, Linda Perry, Nick Jonas, Don Was, and more. There is also a new Brian Wilson / Jim James song in the movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we also recommend Hulu’s McCartney, 3.2.1, which released earlier this year and features in-depth interviews with Paul McCartney on The Beatles, The Wings, and his solo career, led by Rick rubin (and in which Paul talks about the influence of the Beach Boys).

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