New NuPhy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Launching Soon


High-end keyboard design and manufacturer company NuPhy has unveiled its latest creation in the form of the NuPhy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard which will soon be available for purchase at the price of $119.95. Available in matte black and ion white finishes, the keyboard can be outfitted with a selection of different Gateron Switches such as the G Pro Red 2.0, G Pro Brown 2.0, G Pro Blue 2.0 or Baby Kangaroo and comes with an optional precision machined clear palm rest constructed from fused acrylic and aluminum. The Twotone wrist rest is a fantastic companion for business Halolight lighting system and the acrylic diffuses the RGB lights emitted by the LED ring creating a unique Halo effect.

You can now register your details with NuPhy to be notified when the Halo65 wireless mechanical keyboard becomes available and I highly recommend checking out NuPhy’s other offerings if your keyboard can be upgraded. The design and construction are second to none and you can also benefit from a 10% extra discount using discount code “Julian” .

NuPhy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard features include 65% ANSI layout, aluminum frame, NuPhy’s Halolight RGB lighting, Bluetooth, 2.4G wired and wireless connectivity, hot-swappable PCB, NuPhy console and KOP PBT keys.

NuPhy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

“Designed for pros and heavy hitters, Halo65 delivers the firepower that can tackle your most demanding tasks. From cap to skin, actuator to damper, we push the boundaries of mechanical keyboard technology without thread and refine each component to create a typing experience never seen before.To break stereotypes of what’s possible with high-end keyboards, NuPhy took a radical approach to the design language of Halo65.

Nuphy Halo65 Black

“A band of light, the ‘Halo’, forms the centerpiece that unites the solid unibody aluminum frame, first seen on a fully assembled keyboard, with the laser-polished ABS base. Improving both grip hand and the feeling of height, the wavy side of the column inspired by the ionic column brings liveliness to the minimalist frame in achromatic aluminum, available in hard-wearing anodized matte black and electrophoresis-coated ionic white.

Nuphy Halo65 White

“At NuPhy, we’re always looking to minimize delays. Whether it’s pairing with a new setup on the go, multitasking between up to 4 different Mac/Windows devices, or editing and intensive games that push the responsiveness of a connection to the limit, with its seamless tri-mode connection integration, perfect Dual OS support and built-in 4000mAh battery that can support 240 hours of continuous use, Halo65 is always there when you need it and fades away as soon as thoughts start flowing from your fingertips.

Features :

– Switch type: gateron g-pro v2 / baby kangaroo switches
– Layout: ansi 65%
– Number of keys: 67 keys
– Hot-swappable media: yes
– N-key rollover support: yes
– Backlighting and side lighting: RGB led
– Backlight modes: 10
– Position light modes: 4
– Halo Modes: 4
– Mode: 2.4G wireless, bluetooth 5.0 or wired
– Battery capacity: 4000mAh
– Working time: up to 48 hours (lab test result)
– Connection type: usb type-c
– Compatible system: macOS/windows/android/ios
– Angle: 5.5º/ 8.5º/ 11º
– Operating environment: -10 to 50℃

Nuphy Halo65

“Your keypresses will register, and nothing else. Molded with the double-injection PBT process, the all-new NuPhy KOP keycaps feature an ergonomic design with rounded, flatter corners, and scratch-resistant surfaces. grease and scratches that retain their amazing look and feel even after many uses.

Hmmm, maybe it’s something that remains after all, our evil. With pops of color so bright and vibrant, it’s hard to hold back the urge to indulge in some great mixing and matching, and you don’t have to, we’ve added 17 more pops to make the decision easier. Enjoy the little extra style and personalization!

Source: NuPhy

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