NO FIRE allowed in forest or valley floor



It’s hot and dry and fire officials say it’s a recipe for a major wildfire they hope doesn’t happen over the July 4th weekend. With the recent hot weather, fires are not allowed anywhere in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Forestry officials have banned campfires, charcoal briquettes, solid fuel fires, Tiki torches, liquid fuel candles and lanterns. What is allowed? Forestry officials say propane or white gas camping stoves, propane or white gas lanterns, and solid fuel candles in a metal bucket can be used in the forest, but they urge you to watch out for any hazards. fire.
While it is dry in the forest, it is just as dry at the bottom of the valley. The reason the Yakima County Fire Marshal declared a county-wide burning ban for the unincorporated Yakima County. The ban began on Friday June 25 and lasts until Monday July 12.

All outdoor fires, including bonfires and recreational fires, are prohibited. “We hope that by declaring a burning ban, we will help ensure that man-made fires do not divert the resources we need to fight wildfires,” said the County Fire Marshal. Yakima, Chris Pedersen. A press release states;

Yakima County works with federal and state agencies and local fire protection districts to help protect citizens, property, and the environment from the ravages of uncontrolled fires. Outdoor burning in violation of the local ban can be punishable by a fine of $ 1,000, arrest and / or jail time and should be reported to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at (509 ) 574-2500. The ban may be extended if the county continues to experience extremely high temperatures. Pedersen also reminds citizens that there is a ban on all fireworks in unincorporated areas and in many towns in Yakima County.

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