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LIVERPOOL – Nostalgia never fails. And a hint of humor helps.

Our June 30 column – you know you’ve lived in Liverpool too long though – generated significant positive feedback.

Among the appreciation emails we received was one from the former Salina Town supervisor, Dick “Ace” Ward, a longtime Liverpool resident who now lives in Clay Town.

“Thanks for the trip to Memory Lane,” Ace wrote. “It brought back memories of mine from Smitty’s stable, Gulgert’s mill, etc.

“My all-time favorite,” Ward recalls, “was Heid’s crossing where traffic control consisted of Al Pope hopping out of his cabin and holding up a sign that said,“ STOP! “”

pig shanks

Another retired Liverpudlian who requested to remain anonymous emailed several keepsakes. One of them was the Weigand waterhole at the southwest corner of First and Vine streets, where the Nichol liquor store is now located. They had one of the few table shuffleboard games in Syracuse.

I wonder if this unnamed reader remembers my uncle, Big John Egloff, who ran a bar at Weigand’s until his untimely death in 1964 at the age of 32.

The unnamed man continued: “Then there was coach Denny at Liverpool High.

And then there was the pot of marinated pork knuckles halfway over the bar at Tarbe’s Grill.

Even thinking that this tavern was run by my father and his brothers, I never had much of a fondness for pork knuckles. I enjoyed the pickled eggs very much though!

Sports shorts

Fleet-footed outfielder Tim Locastro – a Syracuse native who grew up in Auburn and played intercollegiate baseball at Ithaca College – joined the New York Yankees on July 1 after being traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks .

Locastro, 28, is considered one of the fastest baserunners in the game. On April 10, he broke the major league record for the number of bases stolen to start a career without getting caught (28), a record previously held by Tim Raines.

Good for Locastro, and good for the Bronx Bombers who can use whatever help they can get!

Meanwhile, the Syracuse Crunch, the local branch of the American Hockey League, can share in the glory of the 2021 Stanley Cup championship won by the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. Twenty of the Lightning’s skaters, including MVP goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, honed their championing skills at the local War Memorial Arena.

Liverpool Is The Place 2021 concert series is called Guitars Galore. Click on the photo for more information.

Guitars galore!

An abridged concert series titled Guitars Galore will begin at Johnson Park at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 19, with six-string veteran Mark Hoffmann and the Hoffmann Family Band playing classic rock and R&B.

Hoffmann – a Hall of Fame member of the Syracuse Area Music Awards – was a founding member of Jam Factory, a soul sextet that recorded for Epic Records half a century ago.

Jam Factory owes its existence to Howie Wyeth, a Syracuse University student, pianist and drummer who later worked with Bob Dylan. Hoffmann was the guitarist and songwriter of the group. His horn players were Steve Marcone and Earl Ford, bassist Kent DeFelice, keyboardist Gene McCormick and drummer Joe English who later joined Paul McCartney and Wings.

Jam Factory’s best-known epic album was “Sittin ‘in the Trap” (1970), while his single, “Talk Is Cheap” by Hoffmann, hit the airwaves the following year.

Monday’s concert is presented by the Liverpool Is The Place Committee. Three other concerts by Guitars Galore will complete the season. Finger picker Loren Barrigar and his son, LJ, will take the stage at Johnson Park on Monday, July 26.

Last word

“White Soul Groups aren’t uncommon, but the Jam Factory is a good one, as this Syracuse unit cooks with hard-working energy rather than the polish of a big city. “

–Billboard magazine, June 6, 1970.

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