Online searches for some brands skyrocket following BTS collaboration



Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 10) – They may already be popular in the market, but some international brands are still banking on the global influence of the biggest K-pop group BTS.

So what happens after brands secure collaborations with BTS? Meta-research site iPrice said consumer interest online had more than doubled.

In a report, iPrice cited the group’s six brands or collaborations over the past three years.

Fast-food chain giant McDonald’s sparked a 47% increase in interest among Filipinos following its collaboration with BTS in May.

McDonald’s launched the BTS Meal, which consists of 10 Chicken McNuggets with Limited Edition Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces, Medium Coke, and Medium Fries, all wrapped in signature BTS purple packaging.

At the end of June, McDonald’s Philippines revealed that it had sold 3.5 million pieces of chicken nuggets at the launch of the BTS meal, a dramatic 1,000% increase from its average daily nugget sales, said the general manager of McDonald’s Philippines, Margot Torres, at the ANC in an interview.

At that time, Torres said that “nearly a million” BTS meals had been sold since launch.

The South Korean boy group has also been operated by Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton, with the two brands generating a spike of 127% and 65% online interest, respectively.

South Korean Samsung has also released a BTS edition of the Galaxy S20 +, which has seen a huge 73% increase in Google searches.

Indonesian shopping site Tokopedia has also leveraged its partnership with the global pop sensation group, iPrice said.

“Filipinos certainly didn’t know much about this site, being, you know, based in the Philippines and everywhere. But after collaborating with influencers as big as BTS, Filipinos’ searches on Tokopedia also increased by 98%.” , he added.

Since the collaboration began, Tokopedia’s online interest continued to increase by 225% in 2020.

Fila was the only brand that “didn’t have as much success” in 2018, iPrice noted.

In a previous report, iPrice said its global fan base, known as the BTS Army, could shell out an average of $ 1,422 on the band’s products, concert tickets and albums.



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