Oryen Network Grows 100% During ICO – Expert Ranking Staking Platform Surpasses SUSHI and IMPT


Cryptocurrencies are getting mixed reactions among critics and supporters. However, this year has challenged many crypto investors following bear markets. Token prices have fallen to their lowest level in three years in response to current market conditions. Despite this downturn, one cryptocurrency is moving forward unscathed and has already doubled in value in less than five weeks.

Oryen, a decentralized staking platform, made headlines in the crypto world after its native token ORY soared 100% amid the current chaotic markets. Many traders looking for safer crypto investments are now turning to the staking protocol, which offers a guaranteed return of 90% to ORY holders. Could this be the token to eclipse other altcoins like SUSHI and IMPT?

On the way to 2X

Oryen Network launched the first phase of the presale around the end of September 2022. After that, the project started to gain traction, quickly raising over $500,000. When the ICO opened, the price of the token was $0.05 and early backers agreed. A month later, their investments doubled as the price of the token rose to $0.10.

This 2X price spike has sparked even more attention for ORY, and experts say it’s only a matter of time before the price skyrockets again. Experts point to Oryen’s unique staking technique, which provides long-lasting and fixed high yield 90% APY. Since the APY is fixed, investors with low risk appetite feel safer buying and staking ORY. Additionally, interest is payable even on time, meaning those looking for short-term dividends and quick profits also find an attractive opportunity in Oryen.


Oryen’s developers have built a resilient product for the long haul. While many projects garner hype and speculation for a period of time before fading away, Oryen has incorporated powerful automatic staking tools and a tax buy-sell mechanism which combined will support the price and the future of ORY.

However, the low initial supply of 40 million tokens is intriguing to many, but it is elastic and can change depending on the price of the token. Thus, as the project progresses, listings on several centralized exchanges and investments are made; this may trigger a cascade for ORY, which culminates in a massive price spike that catapults it onto the list of top 100 tokens by market capitalization.


ORY is an auto-staking platform for everyone. Whether it is an experienced trader or a beginner, investors can bet on its appreciation or bet on the guaranteed return. It offers variety with just one product and is arguably one of best altcoins. Experts have spotted the potential of this token and can predict a stellar performance even before the end of the year, possibly eclipsing SUSHI and IMPT.

Be part of Oryen

Join the presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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