Paul McCartney accidentally taught Pattie Boyd’s brothers how to shoot his car with an arrow


At Pattie Boyd and George Harrison’s wedding, Paul McCartney worked hard to be a good groomsman. He sat with Harrison’s parents at dinner, posed for photos with the couple and took Boyd’s younger brothers under his wing. Boyd’s brothers were significantly younger than most of the wedding guests, so McCartney took them along in search of a little fun. While he had the best of intentions, his actions resulted in an arrow landing directly in the hood of his car.

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One of Pattie Boyd’s boyfriends feared she might fall in love with Paul McCartney

Boyd met her future husband on the set of the Beatles movie A hard day’s Night. She hadn’t wanted the role initially – she was a model, not an actress – but she finally accepted.

When she told photographer David Bailey that she had accepted a role in a Beatles film, he predicted that her relationship would end. He was right: Harrison asked him out on the first day of filming. While she turned him down at first, she later realized she wanted to date Harrison, which led to her breaking up with her boyfriend. Boyd thinks he may have seen it coming, but he thought she would fall for McCartney, not Harrison.

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“He may have sensed what was coming,” Boyd wrote in his book. beautiful tonight. “When I spoke to David Bailey about film work, he predicted that I would fall in love with Paul McCartney and said [her boyfriend] Eric, he would be on his own.

Paul McCartney accidentally helped Pattie Boyd’s brothers shoot his car

After two years of dating, Boyd and Harrison got married in a small ceremony at the Surrey Register Office. Her younger brothers, David and Boo, left school for the wedding and soon grew tired of the event. When McCartney realized this, he sought to provide some entertainment for the two boys.

“When Paul realized David and Boo were bored, he took them outside to have fun,” Boyd wrote. “In a disused toilet, with hundreds of fan letters awaiting Ms Harrison’s attention, they found George’s bow and arrow. Paul showed the boys how to use it.

Although it’s a good way to distract Boyd’s brothers, McCartney probably didn’t expect his car to be damaged during the activity.

“David pulled the string, and Paul watched as the arrow landed a direct hit into the bonnet of his gleaming Rolls-Royce.”

Marriage wasn’t exactly what she had dreamed of

The quiet marriage hadn’t been exactly what Boyd had wanted. Due to Harrison’s level of fame, however, Beatles manager Brian Epstein felt it would be better.

“It wasn’t the wedding I dreamed of – I would have liked to be married in church, but Brian didn’t want big trouble,” she wrote. “They all trusted him so implicitly that when he said it should be a low-key wedding at the registry office, George agreed. He also said it had to be secret – if the press found out, it would be chaotic.

While Boyd had envisioned a “big white wedding,” she was a fan of his outfit: a knee-length red dress with a matching fur coat.

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