Paul McCartney explains why he no longer signs autographs


Paul McCartney joined the “No Autographs” club, of which Ringo Starr has been a member for years.

Sir Paul mentioned his decision not to sign autographs in a new interview with Reader’s Digest (as transcribed by Classic rock) saying, “It always seemed a bit strange to me. “Here, can I write your name on the back of that receipt please?” ” Why? We both know who I am.

Of course, McCartney isn’t averse to interacting with fans adding, “What you usually get is a rocky photo with a mediocre backdrop and I look a little miserable. Let’s discuss, let’s exchange stories.

Macca has been in a lot of press lately to help promote his memoir. The lyrics: from 1956 to the present day, coming out on November 2. As stated previously,
Sir Paul said in a statement about his book: “More times than I can count I’ve been asked if I would write an autobiography, but the timing has never been right. The only thing I’ve ever managed to do, whether at home or on the road, is write new songs. I know that some people, when they reach a certain age, like to consult a journal to recall the daily events of the past, but I do not have such notebooks. What I have are my songs, hundreds of them, which I’ve learned serve pretty much the same purpose. And these songs cover my whole life.

Interestingly, the 154 songs that make up the book are organized alphabetically, not chronologically. In doing so, the book “…establishes for the first time the definitive texts of the lyrics of the songs and describes the circumstances in which they were written, the people and places which inspired them, and this [McCartney] think of them now.

The lyrics: 1956 to the present day is currently available for pre-order here.

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