Paul McCartney Picks Beatles Song He’ll ‘Introduce to Curious Aliens’


The Beatles are staples of international culture, and if extraterrestrials ever visited Earth, they would most likely discover the band’s music while analyzing the culture of the human race. Paul McCartney has several Beatles songs that he thinks curious aliens would find fascinating, but he chooses one of their greatest hits.

Paul McCartney Shares Which Beatles Song He Would Show Curious Aliens

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In an interview on his website,, the former Beatle was asked what song he would show curious aliens. Paul McCartney lists some of the Beatles songs he wrote and chooses one that he thinks is the best choice.

“It’s always really hard to narrow down favorite songs, so what I’m doing is just guessing. What comes to mind for The Beatles is ‘Yesterday’ – I would say that. was a big moment. But again, my inner voice said, ‘What about ‘Hey Jude’? What about ‘Let It Be’…?” So that’s a very difficult question to answer, but I’ll go with ‘Yesterday’.

McCartney also chose a few songs from his time with Wings and his solo career.

“For the Wings period, I’ll choose ‘Band on the Run’, although I just heard recently that the song ‘Arrow Through Me’ is really getting all kinds of attention, so maybe the aliens would like that! I’ve always loved it myself as a song but obviously it’s been played somewhere recently and people are going crazy on streaming… Then for my solo period I would go for ‘Coming Up’ by McCartney II.”

McCartney Says “Yesterday” Would Be a Great Song to Show Aliens

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“Yesterday” is one of the most iconic Beatles songs, even though it’s basically a Paul McCartney solo song. McCartney wrote the song about a breakup and discovered the song one night while he was sleeping. “Yesterday” became a hit for the band, reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

“Hey Jude” and “Let it Be” are also massive Beatles hits. The two reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Hey Jude” remaining at number one for nine weeks. What is remarkable is that the three songs listed by McCartney are slow ballads based on depressing subjects. “Let it Be” came to McCartney after having a dream where his late mother visited him, while “Hey Jude” and “Yesterday” stem from broken relationships.

It would also be interesting to show the aliens some of the Beatles’ more psychedelic songs, such as “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and “Strawberry Fields Forever.” This would expose aliens to Earth’s most unique and bizarre cultural elements.

McCartney’s music has already gone to space

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If aliens exist, it is possible that they have already heard the music of McCartney and the Beatles. In 2008, NASA broadcast The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” into space to commemorate the song’s 40th anniversary and NASA’s 50th anniversary.

McCartney also shared his music with space by broadcasting a concert in space in 2005. The former Beatle performed at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California and was able to make contact with astronauts in the International Space Station . The session lasted 15 minutes, but he could still play a few songs for them.

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