Peter Kay’s wealth skyrockets to £ 35million despite avoiding the spotlight for years




Bolton-born comedian Peter Kay laughs at the bank, as Car Share star sees his business show impressive profits

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Peter Kay does a comedy sketch about his family

Peter Kay’s wealth has soared to £ 35million despite the comic barely functioning since 2017.

Accounts show the Phoenix Nights star took in £ 2.7million more than last year, the equivalent of £ 7,400 in daily wages.

Kay’s performing arts company Hussein Traders Ltd, filed at Companies House this week, reported the comic had funds worth £ 10,173,706. This includes £ 941,713 in cash in the bank, up from £ 151,047 in 2020.

The accounts also show investments worth £ 22,263,991.

Kay, 48, uses the company for the money generated for his stand-ups, TV shows and bios. His business Good Night Vienna Productions Ltd, which he runs with his wife Susan, has funds worth £ 24,889,360, of which £ 12,295,715 is in cash.

Peter Kay still wins big despite a break in the spotlight



The Bolton star took a hiatus from showbiz in 2017 after canceling his UK tour due to “unforeseen family circumstances”.

He returned the following year with the finale of his BBC1 Car Share show.

After several years of absence, fans gave Kay a standing ovation during two charity Q&A sessions at Manchester Apollo in August.

Last week he was seen in a rare snap as he beamed alongside broadcasters Bob Harris and Danny Baker ahead of their Backstage Pass show in Salford.

The much-loved comic posed for a rare photo earlier this month



Popular stand-up revealed new projects are underway


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The comedian recently revealed he is recording the audiobook of his autobiography The Sound Of Laughter – 15 years after it was published.

Kay admitted that he had failed to write and was inspired to write a third book.

He added, “I got the idea about 10 years ago. It’s all about working on TV.”

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