Peter Molyneux is back with a blockchain simulation game with NFT, crypto



Peter Molyneux is back with a new game that capitalizes on the emerging blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency craze.


Peter Molyneux, the game developer of the Fable series who has become so infamous that he said “I no longer have a reputation in this industry” revealed his new Legacy game in the world. The game with the seemingly ironic name is a business simulator where players buy land, start a business, set up factories, and sell products to other players in a theoretically bustling economy.

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All of these things will apparently be bought and sold with LegacyCoin, the in-game cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the gaming impetus to win from the entire transaction. Players will first buy LegacyCoin with cash or other crypto and then buy NFT land to start a business. The land is currently not available for sale but is based on actual locations in the UK including London.

The NFT component apparently doesn’t stop there. While the details and specifics are decidedly vague, it looks like your products are put together using NFT; Legacy was originally billed as a game where you can build anything. Now, it looks like these individual parts are NFTs that you use to make your own NFT product to sell through an in-game economy.

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“You can build anything” one developer said of Legacy in 2019.

“We wanted to make a game about building things. Peter likes the idea of ​​other people building things – he wants other people to experience it.”

Start small, but slowly and steadily transform your city into an empire. Create your own products using thousands of unique pieces. Legacy gives you access to rare and unique NFTs. The most creative and successful business can emulate these creations. Your creativity is your end product. You can automate your pipelines and fill your city with loyal workers. Trade thousands of items with other players using LegacyCoin.

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Crypto spending may not end there, as gaming businesses need equipment to operate. With enough equipment, facilities, and workers, games can create a plethora of interesting products and things to showcase in an in-game market. Details are vague, but it looks like your designs are being sold as NFTs. in the market and you earn cryptocurrency based on the success rate of each sale.

The idea here is to entice players with the prospect of earning an in-game crypto that could be traded in another market, while also increasing the value of the cryptocurrency with more exchanges. It’s a monetization environment where the actual payment currency can fluctuate in value and the hope is that it skyrockets, making more money for developers with every purchase and transaction.

Legacy was actually the subject of an older Redbull Gaming 2019 video documentary before the game’s monetization and commodification program was announced:

Here is more information about LegacyCoin crypto:


LegacyCoin is the currency that allows the innovative blockchain experience that is Legacy to exist.

LegacyCoin (LEGACY) is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain that complies with the proven and trusted ERC-20 token standard.

What LegacyCoin does

This new cryptocurrency has many uses, from acquiring legacy keys for trade loan in the gaming economy, to acquiring NFT exclusive game items and many other exciting and innovative utilities. which remain to be revealed.

How to get LegacyCoin

LegacyCoin can be won in various competitive events. Players will need to push their production capabilities to the limit, use their imaginations and harness their creative flair as they strive to design and manufacture the best products and the most unique cities, pitting their skills against all the worlds. others.

Our vision of the blockchain game

Legacy is a game that takes advantage of player ownership, game to win, loan to win, highly functional NFTs, and a truly unique community economy … and that’s just the start.

Legacy is here to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming beyond your wildest dreams.



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