PhonePe, Paytm, Myntra reap the benefits of IPL advertising, while Zomato scored on Swiggy unrelated IPL TV-Bobble AI

  • Fintech PhonePe App Outperforms Payment in the advertising war.
  • Zomato – despite not opting for IPL advertising – led almost every measure in the food category, beating out Swiggy.
  • Among shopping apps, Meesho’s open rate—or the number of times users logged into the app—decreased from pre-IPL to post-IPL, while Myntra‘s grown.

IPL advertising gives brands access to millions of Indians – the 2022 edition had a total of 229 million viewers. It is often referred to as “India’s Super Bowl” in terms of publicity value.

Bobble AI’s latest market intelligence report analyzed data from 80 million Android smartphones to study the impact of IPL advertising by a range of apps, including Myntra, Dream11, Meesho, SpotifySwiggy and Aunty Neu.

An analysis of the impact of TV advertising around the IPL revealed that the fintech app PhonePe reaped the maximum benefits with the highest user penetration rate after the IPL. This was followed by Paytm and Meesho. PhonePe, Myntra and Dream11 saw the highest increase in average session per user after IPL.

The average session per user is defined as the average number of times the application is opened in the given period.

However, Zomato topped nearly every food category metric, despite not opting for IPL advertising.

The report studied the behavior of smartphone users during three time periods – before IPL 2022, during IPL 2022 and after IPL 2022. The majority of users during the IPL were between the ages of 18 and 24, according to the ‘investigation.

Tata Neu Download Jumped Above 8000% But Didn’t Gain Users After IPL

The total number of installs increased exponentially for the Tata Neu app (8,438.1%) when the app was launched with IPL. Despite this, Tata Neu did not gain any users after the IPL and users did not open the app after 15 days of downloading. The PhonePe app has overtaken Paytm in app downloads. Spotify and Swiggy also saw an over 50% spike in installs. Dream 11 saw an increase of over 79% in app downloads across all three periods.

New app installs for Myntra were 25 times higher than for Meesho.

“Advertising during the IPL is skyrocketing, giving brands significant reach with their existing customers and target audience. Zomato and PhonePe outperformed competitors Swiggy and Paytm in almost every category, including overall market penetration. Since the pandemic, online platforms have gained ground,” said Tabrez AlamChief Business Strategy Officer, Bobble AI.

Bobble AI’s report shows that most apps gained in terms of average session per user (ASU), with the exception of Tata Neu, which saw a 67% reduction.

PhonePe reported a more than 22% increase in ASU, beating Paytm which saw an almost 14% increase in ASU after the IPL. However, there was no change in the ASU for the Swiggy app.

Dream11 saw an 83% increase in active users (AU) during the IPL. Active users are the total number of users who were active on said app in the given time period. The AUs of Myntra were significantly higher than those of Meesho. PhonePe overtook Paytm for AUs in the fintech sector.

Zomato overtakes Swiggy without IPL ads

Bobble AI also analyzed whether or not advertising during the IPL gave Swiggy an advantage over Zomato. The data showed that Swiggy had no such advantage. Zomato performed better than Swiggy on all metrics except churn.

Churn rate is the percentage of active users who opened the app in the previous 15 days but did not open it in the next 15 days.

Zomato’s open rate (7.3%) – defined as the number of times users logged into an app – was higher than Swiggy’s (1.93%). Zomato had over 38% more active users than Swiggy during the IPL. Publicity during the IPL did not help Swiggy outperform Zomato, its main competitor.

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