Pork prices set to soar again



The price of pork has risen for the seventh time this year and is now at RM1,300 per 100kg, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

The Penang Pig Slaughtering Association confirmed the price increase, which came into effect on Monday.

The latest price adjustment was an increase of RM60 from that of RM1,240 per 100kg on May 16.

The price of pork has reportedly skyrocketed and is expected to rise further.

A president of a butchers’ association reportedly said there had been monthly negotiations with pig farmers to cap the price of pork, but to no avail.

The association said business had fallen by up to 70% for some pork vendors following price increases.

> Chinese press reported that some 200,000 yuan (about RM132,000) kept in a cardboard box in Jiangsu, China, nearly ended up in the trash.

In the incident in Wuxi last Tuesday, the box was sold to a recycler by a woman, whose daughter had kept the money inside.

When the girl, known only as Pu, found out, she alerted police, who sent men on patrol while others scanned CCTV footage of the streets.

Fortunately, authorities found the recycler in a nearby town with the trash, including the box, intact.

> The Oriental Daily reported that cases of discrimination had been reported against former Covid-19 patients as well as hospital volunteers in Shanghai.

Local media in the cosmopolitan city reported spotting job postings from companies saying they would not hire former patients or those who had previously volunteered at temporary Covid-19 hospitals.

Chen Feng, 28, from Hubei, who was both a volunteer and a Covid-19 patient, said he could not rent a room or find a job.

“I lived on the streets for a month. Whether it was security guard work or parcel sorting, they all rejected former Covid-19 patients and volunteers,” Chen said, adding that his friends also faced problems. similar.

Some placement agencies said a few companies, such as Shanghai Disney, Foxconn and Daikin, even stated the same terms.

However, the agencies could not provide a clear reason why employers listed such conditions.

The above articles are compiled from vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). Thus, the stories are grouped according to the respective language/media. When a paragraph begins with a >, it denotes a separate short story.


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