Prophecy Accelerates Adoption of Lakehouse Technology with Launch of “Prophecy for Databricks” as Demand for Modern Data Stacks Soars


Powerful, low-code platform now available to Databricks customers, enabling 10x data engineering

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prophecy, the leading low-code platform for data engineering, today announced the launch of Prophecy for Databricks, a powerful new offering that makes it easier and faster to build data pipelines that deliver data for business intelligence and machine learning. This platform, with a visual drag-and-drop canvas, allows anyone interested in doing data engineering to visually and interactively develop, deploy, and monitor data pipelines on Apache Spark.

Designed for use by both seasoned data engineering teams and non-programmer data citizens, Prophecy for Databricks makes it easy for many other users to build pipelines, get them into production, and accelerate transition of data-driven enterprises. With 10 users enabled, data teams experience a dramatic increase in operational excellence and data quality, allowing them to manage more pipelines than ever before.

IDC planned that data is being created at an annual growth rate of 23%, representing 181 zettabytes of data that will have been created by 2025. With data growing so rapidly, businesses are struggling to keep pace with processing data at this rate. According Gartnerthe DBMS market is almost $80 billion and has grown by 22% in the last year alone, with the share of cloud DBMS growing even faster than the overall DBMS market.

Existing data engineering products do not meet business needs and have proven to be unnecessarily complex and inefficient. With Prophecy for Databricks, companies can increase data engineering tenfold with a dramatic increase in the number of data engineering practitioners, individual productivity, data pipeline reliability, and data quality.

“Industry needs for data and analytics far exceed what data engineers programming in laptops can produce,” said Raj Bains, CEO and co-founder of Prophecy. “With this release of Prophecy for Databricks, we are providing powerful visual tools that allow more data users to rapidly develop data pipelines, at the same level as programmers. This extension of data engineering to non-programmers is the only way to realize the potential of large-scale data.”

With Prophecy for Databricks, companies can modernize their data pipelines on Spark with core platform features, including:

  • A visual development environment – An intuitive, low-code, drag-and-drop IDE enables all data practitioners, from non-programmer to expert, to quickly and easily develop data pipelines on Spark. The platform transforms the visual data pipeline into 100% open-source Spark code (PySpark or Scala), with interactive development and execution to verify that the pipeline works correctly at every stage of the process.

  • Improved productivity – The ability to create and extend custom dataframes in visuals, standardize and reuse components, improving efficiency, collaboration and reducing risk. GIT integrationn allows tracking and versioning of changes, Test coverage ensures that all changes are unit tested, IC/CD moves changes from development to production with great confidence, and metadata and lineage search ensures that data can be traced back to the source.

  • Seamless integration – Prophecy for Databricks seamlessly integrates with the existing Databricks data stack used by enterprises. The technology is deployed in a company’s existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and integrates with all major data products and is extensible to support additional tools including Delta Lake.

From our customers

“Analyzing large amounts of data in a timely manner and developing key insights through analytics can be a differentiator for our investments. We were looking for a product that allowed non-tech users to interact with data with the same capabilities as an engineer, while keeping control of our ecosystem,” said Shehzad Nabi, Chief Technology Officer at Waterfall Asset Management LLC. “While there are many solutions on the market, none come close to Prophecy’s capabilities with plug-and-play integration into Databricks, extensibility, and native Spark code that we control. We are seeing a huge potential with Prophecy in analyzing new datasets and developing scalable data pipelines”

“As a new Databricks customer, we wanted to get our data team productive quickly and reduce the need for Apache Spark-specific skills. We’ve tried other low-code products and they either didn’t meet all our expectations, or they were too difficult to deploy and use,” commented João Henriques, Chief Risk Officer at Cegid Invoice & Financing. “With Prophecy, our data team has grown very quickly and we are now using the advanced features of Spark with the support of Prophecy experts.”

This launch follows Prophecy’s closure of its $25 million Series A round led by Insight Partners earlier this year and is the latest addition to its existing product suite. Prophecy’s clients include a wide range of enterprises, from mid-market companies to Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the finance, healthcare and technology sectors. Prophecy pricing for Databricks starts at $5,000 per month for 10 users. For more information on Prophecy for Databricks, visit Prophecy for the Databricks.

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Prophecy is the low-code data engineering company. Prophecy provides an easy-to-use visual interface to interactively build, deploy, run, and manage data processing. Using software engineering best practices with GIT, CI/CD, unit testing, and column-level lineage, Prophecy is trusted by enterprises, including several Fortune 50 companies running thousands of data pipelines every day. Find out how Prophecy can help you achieve 10x data engineering on


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