Report Take Over a Drive-In Theater in their “Can’t Get It to Last” video


Not all friendships last forever. People change and grow, move and move on, disappear and resurface and disappear again. For Report‘s Maddy Wilde, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s part of life. But on “Can’t Get It to Last,” one of the standout tracks from the Toronto synth-pop band’s new EP Floating through the Wonderwave, Wilde reminds himself that there’s nothing wrong with letting friendships fade. “You came to rely on me, but what does it look like?” she sings in the first verse of the song, trying to figure out where she stands in such a relationship. Meanwhile, bandmates Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira combine Wilde’s misty-eyed daydreams with shimmering synths and dancing basslines.

“On the surface, it probably sounds like your average love song,” says Wilde. “But it’s really about friendships and parting ways. Close friendships take different forms, for example, friends who do everything together but have never been vulnerable with each other. It’s like maintaining a light, fluffy connection that never really progressed further than a casual relationship. Friendships like this can last for ages and they are precious, but they don’t seem to last that long.

The accompanying visual shows Wilde performing in a drive-in theater with her co-conspirators projected behind her. “[Director] Adrienne McLaren brought to life my vision to create a music video vibe similar to this scene in Fat where Danny walks around the drive-in singing about Sandy,” says Wilde. “For the drive-in movie, we made an experimental movie… To get even more meta, we played the music video from the drive-in itself on a small Panasonic TV at various locations around town. A video within a video within a video.

Floating through the Wonderwave is out now. you can order it here.


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