Review: The Lonesome Hunters #3


Synopsis: In this issue, the hunters return home to find answers and confront the magpie monsters that scared them away only to find themselves on a dangerous path to confront an ancient creature.

The story

Having stayed with his old friend Tina in the last issue. Howard left Lupe with his friend to go home and see if he can make a deal with the Magpies. Meanwhile, Lupe, who has been thinking about when she lost her parents, comes downstairs for breakfast and finds that Howard is gone. Tina tries to get Lupe to settle down for a breakfast but is unsuccessful. Back home, Howard tries to catch the only magpie that has been left there as a lookout, but has little success. Fortunately, Lupe arrives and manages to contain the bird and tells Howard. She snuck up on Tina to help Howard.

Having managed to contain the magpie in a cat crate. Howard asks the magpie if he can make a deal with the queen. The magpie says that in order for him to do this, he would have to go see the queen.

The artwork

Once again Tyler Crook pulls in awesome footage that is oddly beautiful and suits the story. I loved the different panels where you see different skyscapes. I especially liked the sunset we get during Lupe and Howard’s drive to Queen’s Square, which is appropriately in a junkyard that’s full of treasure. The final panels of Howard’s encounter with the Queen are damn creepy. Cook uses light and shadow very cleverly. Especially when it comes to times when the Queen speaks.


A brilliant third issue that makes good use of a car ride to give us a few moments where Howard and Lupe can bond. I loved the conversation she had about her memory of sitting down with her mom to watch an 80s TV show. I also loved the moment Howard is overjoyed to find a shark tooth and its bond with his interest in geology and archeology.

Globally. A really strong number with an ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you can get your mitts on the next number.


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