SCarowinds returns this weekend to top over 20 years of scares


FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) – Creepy critters, creepy clowns and things that go bump in the night.

Everything can be found here in the Carolinas at SCarowinds.

SCarowinds returns Friday night and returns with spooky vengeance as new attractions promise even more scares than last year.

On the sign outside Carowinds the “S” has been added. This year, that means bigger scares and even louder screams!

“SCarowinds is really scary and fun,” said Carowinds enthusiast Jackson Stotts.

Ghosts and ghouls, blood and guts, that’s what draws thousands of people to SCarowinds every year.

“I’m glad to see him. I usually skip the lines,” he said.

Jackson Stotts has been coming here every year and purposely scaring himself since he was nine years old.

“This guy was dressed as a corn man and he came right in front of me and I just…I was surprised by that,” he said.

And this year, SCarowinds promises to take your fear to new heights.

“This year we have new ways to bring fear to life,” said Ryan Allen, Director of Carowinds Live Entertainment.

Along with crowd favorites like the Tooth Fairy maze and Blood Yard scare zone making a spooky return, Carowinds said it has a new maze and scare zone that’s sure to have your skin crawling. .

“A few new surprises that our guest won’t be ready for,” Allen said.

Allen said a lot goes into preparing more than 300 monsters, including costumes and makeup, which can range from Halloween store masks to full-fledged prosthetics.

“There are people who only come on Saturday or Sunday, so we have to make sure we have over 600 customers available,” Allen said. “It takes about four hours for 10 makeup artists to get in and out of what we call the monster center.”

All to keep the magic and the dread alive for people like Stotts to enjoy.

“SCarowinds isn’t just about having scary monsters, that’s all,” Stotts said. “It’s all in the details – the lighting, the smoke and all the cool details they add.”

Doors open tonight at 7 p.m. and stay open until midnight. SCarowinds will open the doors of fear to you these days.

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