Serenade commits to “demystifying” NFTs with the launch of an environmentally friendly platform


Music technology company Serenade has launched a new NFT Marketplace, which it says is artist and fan-centric, environmentally friendly, and “aims to remove barriers to entry surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFT ) “.

While NFTs have been hailed as a future game-changing money generator for the music industry, much has been written about its effects on the environment.

In March, digital artist Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, sold an NFT artwork through Christie’s auction house for a staggering $ 69 million. However, as Winkelmann told The Verge at the time, it was costing around $ 5,000 to offset emissions from one of his collections.

Serenade claims its platform produces 1 / 44,000th of the carbon emitted by a standard NFT, or 1 / 10th of the energy used to send a tweet.

Serenade uses a “Proof of Stake” authentication method, which it says is more efficient than a direct “Proof of Work” approach to Ethereum, and eliminates “gasoline” fees, a cost that can be a hindrance. at the entrance for anyone wishing to create affordable DTVs.

Purchases are made with a credit or debit card through Serenade checkout. It works similar to a standard ecommerce shopping cart, where the creation of a digital wallet and the transfer of traditional cryptocurrency payments are handled directly by the platform.

Through Serenade, fans can create a profile, showcase and discuss collectibles with other users, and access digital collectibles.

Founded by Australian tech entrepreneur Max Shand, Serenade says its mission is to empower artists to forge closer relationships with fans while creating new sources of income.

This is done through digital music-related collectibles, including specially recorded tracks, limited edition artwork, live performances, rare or previously unreleased items, as well as documentary footage and material.

Digital collectibles are purchased by fans as NFTs and can be collected and resold, with artists receiving an ongoing share of the revenue whenever they change hands.

Serenade works in collaboration with record labels, music publishers, artist management companies and professional associations to ensure that its platform respects rights and benefits all parties involved.

The platform was launched with a range of artists offering exclusive and limited digital collectibles to fans.

These include ArrDee, Kaiser Chiefs, Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, The Game, Young MA, Ride, Scouting For Girls, Ladyhawke, State Champs, Super Furry Animals, Ash, S1mba, Muki and more.

As part of the launch, the Mercury-nominated duo Jungle made a series of exclusive NFTs available on August 13 to accompany the group’s third album. Love in stereo.

Unique micro-videos will accompany each of the fourteen tracks on the album. Jungle also gives four fans the opportunity to bid to join them for a production masterclass.

The featured auction price is Love in stereo season pass, which will give two people access to a guest list to an unlimited number of live Jungle shows on the Love in stereo To visit.

Together with Anglo-Namibian Creative Director, Illustrator and Music Producer HAM the Illustrator and Soga World, Cambridgeshire, UK-based Strawberries & Creem Festival has also created 8 Limited Edition NFT Trading Cards.

Limited to eight collectible cards of 200 editions each, along with a special ‘Founders Card’ which in turn is limited to 20 editions, owners of these NFTs will have access to VIP benefits and special festival privileges, including the behind-the-scenes access, VIP hospitality, exclusive content and special memorabilia.

“NFTs give us the opportunity to reach new audiences in a rapidly growing market.”

William Young, Strawberry and Cream Festival

William Young, Founder of Strawberries and Creem Festival, said, “We want to establish ourselves as one of the most progressive festivals in the world and NFTs give us the opportunity to reach new audiences in a rapidly growing market.

“Giving customers the ability to purchase experiences through NFTs adds an exciting new dimension to the event itself. “

“Serenade was built on the music industry.”

Max Shand

Max Shand, Founder and CEO of Serenade, said, “Serenade was built within the music industry, for the music industry, and respect for rights and creativity is at the heart of what we do.

“Our ambition is to simplify and demystify the NFT process among rights holders, artists and music fans by creating an easy-to-use platform where these fans can purchase incredible and affordable digital collectibles with their cards. credit / debit. do not harm the environment, exist in a community of their peers and interact, buy, present, exchange and promote the work of their favorite artists.

“We already have amazing artists on board and are passionate about creating value for everyone involved. “

“Serenade’s approach provides a more inclusive fan experience.”

James Sandom, Red Light Management UK

James Sandom, Managing Director of Red Light Management UK, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Serenade on two
upcoming projects.

“Their NFT modeling strengthens the connection between fans and artists and is suitable for any artist with a rich heritage and deep archive, creating highly collectable assets for dedicated fans.

“Serenade’s approach provides a more inclusive fan experience, which was key to our thinking about working together. “

“We look forward to exploring so many opportunities with Serenade.”

Ted Cockle, Hipgnose

Ted Cockle, President of Hipgnosis, added, “We look forward to exploring so many opportunities with Serenade.

“It’s a progressive company that has arrived, really helping to demystify and simplify NFTs, with a great platform that delivers digital collectibles in an accessible and eco-friendly way to true fans. “Music trade around the world


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