Shanna Moakler takes Instagram break after Travis-Kourtney engagement


Shanna Moakler is silent following her ex-husband’s engagement with Kourtney Kardashian.

The model has announced plans to take a break from Instagram.

“Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance,” she posted on her Instagram story, according to People magazine. She also reportedly added a quote attributed to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, which read: “Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give af-.”

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In February, shortly after Kourtney and Travis Barker, Shanna’s ex, went public, the former beauty queen was backing the romance.

“He’s my friend and co-parent, and I want him to be happy,” she told a paparazzi, “and if being with her makes him happy, and she’s happy, I’m happy for both honestly. “

She quickly added, “He can handle this Kardashian drama.”

In late spring, however, she changed her tone and accused Kourtney of “destroying” her family. “My family is broken up because of this family, and now my children are estranged from each other because of another sister in this family,” she told TMZ.

Travis and Kourtney’s romance seemed destined for an engagement from the start, as the two were essential inseparable, and she even made it fly again.

Over the weekend, the Blink-182 drummer posed the question to the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star at the Rosewood Miramar in Montecito, Calif. The proposal was reportedly filmed for the Kardashians’ upcoming reality show on Hulu.

“It was a total surprise to Kourtney. Travis told his family he was planning to propose, but everyone was good at keeping it a secret,” a source told People. “The Rosewood is their go-to place for short weekends. They often stay at the hotel. That’s why Travis volunteered there. It’s a very special place for them, but it was also easier. to keep everything a secret by proposing there. “

“Kourtney is of course ecstatic,” the source added. “She can’t wait to marry Travis. She would also like to have a baby with him.”

This will be Travis’ second marriage, as he was married to Shanna from 2004 to 2008. They share children, Landon, 17, and Alabama, 15. Kourtney and Travis’ romance also shed light on Shanna’s relationship with Landon and Alabama, particularly after her daughter nicknamed Shanna an absent parent over the summer. Prior to that, Landon said on social media: “… Our mother has never been in our lives and is not in our lives like our father is.”

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Addressing the mother-and-child drama in June, Shanna told Page Six, “Unfortunately right now there’s still some distance. I’m just trying to give everyone some space.” The self-imposed “space” was needed, she said, “so that we could heal and come together again.”

Things seemed to get better after that, as Shanna and Alabama made a TikTok video together. Shanna also recently posted a photo from a sushi date with her son. After the engagement, however, Buzzfeed reported that Shanna mysteriously deleted several images of her children from her Instagram.


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