‘Shaq Life’ Season 2: 5 things to know about former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal’s TNT docuseries



Shaquille O’Neal is back with season 2 of “Shaq Life”. The TNT docuseries opened to a rich reception from the public when it was released amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With Samuel L Jackson recounting the life and times of the former NBA star after hanging up his sneakers, the ten-part series saw him navigate family life, take care of some business, achieve his wish in getting big as a Diesel DJ and also some MMA experience along the way.

The final season sees him doing his best during the pandemic and reuniting his high school basketball team, among others. Ahead of the next episode, here are five things you need to know.

When will season 2 of “Shaq Life” be released?

“Shaq Life” premieres with two consecutive episodes on Thursday, December 2 at 9 p.m. ET / PT.

What is “Shaq Life”?

Shaquille O’Neal stars as DJ Diesel at the SHAQ Bowl for Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Fla. (Gerardo Mora / Getty Images)

By Warner Media’s official press room site, the new season will see new challenges that Shaquille O’Neal will try to overcome. Here’s a pretty insightful description. “The past year has been difficult for everyone, everywhere, but Shaq knows we have to persevere. Find motivation in his work, his family, his philanthropy – and even with the heartbreaking losses of his sister and from his teammate Kobe, Shaq does whatever it takes to make the world a little better every day and leave a legacy like no other. “

He added, “As the year continues to pass and he moves into the final year of his 40s, Shaq’s goal is to truly live his best life. Follow the artist formerly known as Kazaam. fulfills some lifelong dreams, like making a wrestling debut for AEW, hosting a huge virtual Super Bowl event filled with celebrities, going above and beyond to give back to those in need, bringing together his basketball team from high school, starting the drama with NBA stars, and yes even a tug of war with a lion, Shaq’s life is indeed a life fully lived! “

What was season 1 about?

It’s easy to get hooked on everything Samuel L Jackson is a part of. And when he talks about what life is like for NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, respect for the towering giant of a man soars. For those who don’t know Shaq, he’s just a big-hearted man who wants to live life to the fullest. His only complaint: he only has 24 hours.

“Shaq Life” gave an in-depth look at the multiple projects Shaq was involved in after his retirement from basketball. He’s on the board of Papa John’s Pizza, he wants to become famous in the music world as DJ Diesel and he also wants to be the best version of himself every day of his life.

Director / Screenwriter

The docuseries are produced by Steve Michaels, Jodi Flynn and James Macnab. Michael Bloom, Perry Rogers, Colin Smeeton and Tess Gamboa are the executive producers, Gamboa also being the showrunner.


There is no trailer at the moment, but we can expect a closer look at the release date. In the meantime, here’s a colorful Shaq-style poster for you to check out.

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