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Date Posted: 10/11/2021

The cost of diesel fluid is expected to increase by 50% in Spain

Spain faces a looming shortage of AdBlue, a fluid used in diesel engines to reduce nitrous oxide emissions into the atmosphere. According to the National Federation of Transport Associations, the main manufacturers of the product in Europe are either cutting production or shutting it down altogether due to the soaring cost of natural gas, an essential component of AdBlue.

As a result, the Spanish Fertiberia has already halved its supply while in Italy, Yara will stop production for four weeks.

Experts claimed that the shortage would have two immediate consequences: the price of AdBlue will now be 50% more expensive and Spain is expected to experience a supply crisis, as it is expected that many service stations that sell the product will begin to ration. this.

Modern cars, vans, buses and diesel trucks simply cannot run without AdBlue. In addition to increasing emissions, vehicles that require fluid generally have a countdown timer representing the number of kilometers that can be traveled before refueling; after the time has elapsed, the vehicle will not start.

In the case of trucks, if they are left completely without AdBlue, the vehicle’s electronics must be overhauled before it starts up again, resulting in even more costs for drivers.

Although there is no immediate shortage of supply, experts have warned that the price of the product is likely to rise by 1,000 euros per year per truck, which few transport companies will be able to afford. allow in the current climate.

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