Spend a spooky time at these Kolkata diners


It’s Halloween and the city’s diners are ready to give you a spectacular experience. From special menus matching the theme to special performances and makeup counters, to help unleash your darker side, there is everything to make it an evening to remember. So summon your gang and get out as darkness invades the city.

Municipality One8, Calcutta

Dig into a delicious Halloween treat at One8 Commune, Kolkata. Savor signature drinks like Demagorgon, Doomsday, Magneto, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Saint of Killers to name a few.


Let yourself be spooked by Zobet with the special Halloween menu which includes Margarita Organ Pizza, Bloodbath and dimsum asparagus, Bhoot Jalokia chicken wings. Accompany the meal with refreshing drinks such as Spice Blood and Vampire kiss. In addition to these dishes, there will be incredible Halloween themed decor at Zobet, a live performance by the band Bandeh and makeup artists for guests to dress up for the occasion.


Savor a spooky treat at this hottest waterhole in the heart of Park Street. To keep you completely scared, the menu includes Midnight Hallow, Little Devil, Bloodsucker, and Spookila.


Park Street’s OCTA invites its patrons to savor a range of spooky bites on their plate. Come with your gang and enjoy delicacies such as horrible potstickers dumplings, crispy Halloween skewers, special Halloween pizzas, horrible spring rolls, and terribly cut fingers with caramel sauce. Interesting drinks will also be offered to add to the mood.

Pocket clip for 2: Rs. 1800 / – +

The Beehive

This hot and dynamic water point in Sector V will have an eclectic atmosphere on the eve of Halloween. A spectacular demonstration of cooking skills will be offered on the theme of Halloween. Also expect some groovy music to be added along the way.

The salt house

La Maison du Sel is having one of the most interesting Halloween parties with the Back to School theme that will take you back in time. Besides the canteen style menu which will feature a wide range of dishes like Margherita pizza, chicken slider, macaroni and cheese, pepperoni pizza, hakka noodles, chicken wings, there will also be fun activities and pop-up to amplify the celebrations. Additionally, the artists performing at the event are Antidote, Amay, Outer Space, Phresh Prince, Ray3urn, Sentient, and Vibhishan.

Meal for 2: Rs 2,000 plus tax

Soul the Sky Lounge

The stage is all set at Soul The Sky Lounge on Little Russel Street for a Halloween to remember. While the roof will be decorated according to the theme, the chef has prepared dark and delicious dishes for the customers. The highlight of the menu includes the Pumpkin Pasta, Stuffed Pepper Skull, and Flying Chocolate Bat.

Pocket Pinch for two: Rs 1500 plus tax


Hammer at Park Street is ready for the Halloween party for you and your gang of minions. Proceed to the rooftop address and enjoy the spooky spread that includes the horrific spring roll, special Halloween pizza, crispy Halloween skewers, horrible potstickert dumplings, terribly cut fingers with caramel sauce for them. greedy.

Pocket pinch: 1200 plus TPS without alcohol and 1500 plus TPS with alcohol

M Bar Kitchen

Make this Halloween one to remember by stopping by M Bar for an insanely outrageous Halloween celebration with a haunted bar, amazing offerings, and white decor. The special menu will surprise you with unexpected Halloween drinks like Bhootnath, Dark Horse, Blood Bones, Francosmash, Venom Shots and more. The weird decoration and monstrous music from DJ Spade and DJ Pratik will make your evening super fun. That’s not all! Let’s take your little devil out with our amazing deal at Rs. 1499 only which includes 5 beers / tequila / cocktail pitcher with 1 shisha and 1 pizza. So get ready to shiver and cheat as it’s going to be crazy here with white spirits in the air.

What’s new! Coffee

Celebrate the horror festival in style and welcome Halloween in all its glory by enjoying the rooftop terror theme only on What’s Up! Coffee. The Southern Avenue café will offer innovative dishes and cocktails and mocktails in keeping with the theme of the evening. The decor will also sport a spooky look. The highlight of the night will be unlimited Halloween-themed spirits and finger food deals to ensure a fun Halloween experience. There will also be a LIVE performance by Vidya, which promises to captivate customers with her soothing voice.

Lord of drinks

Lord of the Drinks is ready to serve a range of special Halloween night food and weirdest Halloween themed drinks like Black Widow (topped with Sprite, a superb combination of Vodka, Graindaine, Blue Curacao and Crangrapes juice), Blood Sucker (edible charcoal vodka with peach syrup and cranberry juice), Death in the Afternoon and Haunted Graveyard (glass filled with crushed ice, a bewitching combination of blackcurrant syrup, grenadine syrup and lemon juice) as well as succulent larvae like Spider Pizza, Bloody Falafel Finger with pumpkin hummus on the veg side and non-vegetarian larvae like Worm Burger, Bloody Mary ketchup, Mummy Dogs, Graveyard Mousse Cup, etc.

Hard Rock Café Calcutta

Like every year, the Hard Rock Cafe will be ready for Halloween with its exciting drink menu. From Red Moon to Bleeding Mojito, from Tropical Ghost to Witch’s Brew, you’ll have them all. Get ready to vibrate with your favorite Dj Jitesh and make your Halloween perfect.

Circulation Gastronomic pub

Calcutta’s popular gourmet pub at City Center II is ready to serve up great cocktails like Vampire Shot and Skeleton Blood to get you in the Halloween mood. Don’t miss the weird vibe and those spooky drinks this Halloween.

Potboiler Coffee

With a new address, The Potboiler Coffee House on Southern Avenue will host its Halloween debut and it will be epic. Their innovative concept ‘The Sun Also Rises’ will blow your mind and get you in the mood for Halloween.

Canteen Pub & Grub

At Canteen Pub & Grub, the smoky, spicy and sweet Crossroad Demons will take you to the strangest corners of your taste buds for that spooky twist. This is definitely going to sound oh-so-amazing!


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