Stella McCartney launches vegan skincare line, Stella


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After leading the way in conscious luxury fashion since 2001, Stella McCartney is launching a new vegan skincare line, titled Stella. News of McCartney’s evolution comes a month after Idris and Sabrina Elba released their simple three-part vegan beauty brand S’able Labs. McCartney’s new range, which she calls a “responsible alternative to luxury [skin care]“, also includes three products – a cleanser, a serum and a cream – and will launch in September.

The fashion designer is best known for her fur- and leather-free clothes and accessories, so it’s no surprise that her new skincare line is vegan and cruelty-free. McCartney herself has been a lifelong vegetarian and has a “no animals” policy when creating her fashions, which likely comes from the influence of her parents, animal rights activist Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney of The Beatles. . As you would expect from a member of the environmental McCartney family, every Stella product is sustainably produced.

Ingredients, including organic samphire, biotech lingonberry extract, wild organic birch sap and wild-harvested dulse seaweed extract, are naturally sourced. The packaging, from the bottle to the pump, was created from recyclable and recycled materials. A refill system is also in place, giving you the option to top up your stock at a lower cost without buying any new packaging. To put into context how beneficial this is for the environment: the first refill reduces the environmental impact of the product by a third, and the second refill reduces the impact by half. When the recharge is used alone, the impact on climate change is reduced by two thirds. Sustainable and profitable? It’s a combo we like to see.

This isn’t McCartney’s first foray into beauty. She launched the organic skincare line Care in 2007, which has since halted production, and has created a series of fragrances since 2001, but Stella marks a new direction for her. Scotland is also an important component of the brand’s DNA. McCartney was influenced by memories of summer vacations as a child in Kintyre, Scotland (yes, that Kintyre from the Wings song “Mull of Kintyre”). “At the very beginning of the process, I asked myself what was the cleanest, freshest and purest moment of my life? And I kept coming back to how I felt every time I dipped in the lake of the Mull of Kintyre. I was there, I knew something good was going on,” McCartney said in the press release. “It was probably a challenge, but I wanted Scotland in a bottle.”

And Scotland in a bottle is what we got, down to the smell. Infused with an uplifting and refreshing clove leaf, pine resin, and minty eucalyptus scent crafted by famed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, one whiff of the products will surely transport you to the scenes of McCartney’s youth. While the products aren’t what we’d call a bargain, the designer-turned-beauty-brand-owner has also pledged to donate one percent of Stella’s net sales to the conservation organization Wetlands International. , which helps protect Scotland’s bogs. Peatlands make up 23% of Scotland’s landmass, but almost 80% of them are currently in a state of degradation. This long-term partnership hopes to reverse these numbers.

Stella will be available for purchase in early September online and in the Stella McCartney flagship store in London. It will also be sold at Space NK from mid-September. Keep reading for a closer look at each of the products.


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