Suppliers Expect USB-C Demand to Soar, Report Says


A new report says vendors expect USB-C demand to skyrocket over the next two years, despite reports that Apple plans to hang on to Lightning in the new iPhone 13.

Of Digital hours:

Taiwan-based IC design houses are generally optimistic about the increasing global adoption of the USB Type-C interface specification and expect the global demand for Type-C chips to increase. by more than 50% per year in 2021 and 2022 each, according to industry sources.

The report notes that while there are still many different charger standards out there, including Lightning in the iPhone 12, currently Apple’s best iPhone, USB-C appears to be gaining the upper hand. Also noteworthy are the plans proposed within the EU to mandate the technology as a charging standard, according to a report last week:

A new report says the European Commission is considering introducing new legislation that could force cell phone vendors to sell phones with a single charger standard.

A Reuters report states:

The European Commission will present legislation next month to establish a common charger for cellphones and other electronic devices within the bloc of 27 countries, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Apple has warned the EU against a move, saying it would create huge amounts of e-waste by rendering Lightning products useless, and that moreover, the industry is adopting the standard on its own, it doesn’t It is therefore not necessary to legislate. Apple now supports USB-C in its iPad Pro M1 (2021) and iPad Air, and is rumored to add the standard to the new iPad Mini 6 with a rumored huge update later this year.


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