Support for EU reintegration soars among voters in Scotland


SUPPORT among Scottish voters to join the EU is skyrocketing, a poll has found.

A new Panelbase survey found Scotland was even more opposed to Brexit than in 2016, when 62% voted against.

Now 72% said they would vote to stay, while 69% would vote to join the EU, up from 61% in January.

It comes as the Yes campaign received a major boost when it was revealed that more people would vote for independence whether Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss take over from Boris Johnson.

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Opponents of Brexit are more likely to vote yes to independence.

The survey of 1,133 adults in Scotland, carried out last week, suggests that 57% of 2016 Remainer voters would vote Yes, compared to 28% of incumbents, while 12% remain undecided.

Both Truss and Sunak are committed to Brexit, which research shows makes their task of preventing independence more difficult.

Both men have ruled out granting an independence referendum.

When asked if Scotland would leave the UK in the next 10 years, 47% said it was likely, with 21% thinking it very likely and 26% saying it was somewhat likely.

The combined figure for those who think it’s unlikely was 34%, the figure for those who think independence is “very unlikely” has fallen by 2% since January.

During Tory roundups in Perth last week, Truss insisted she would be even tougher when it came to opposing Scottish independence than Johnson’s administration.

Senior polls analyst Sir John Curtice said: ‘Simply saying another referendum shouldn’t be held at all seems unlikely to win over many converts.

“While 44% oppose a referendum within the next five years, 48% support it.

“And only 37% think the UK government should make the decision on another ballot, while 52% think the Scottish government should.”

He added that the Union would only be ‘safe if the Scots came to believe it’.

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Curtice continued: ‘But it is far from clear that the next Prime Minister will have the right strategy to achieve this.

In January, more than 25% of those polled believed that a government led by Truss would lead to Scottish independence.

That figure has risen to almost 40%, putting her nearly on par with Johnson, Scotland’s most unpopular Prime Minister for decades.


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