Tales Noir: Best Hunter Builds


Black Tales is filled with multiple ways to find fun and different styles to play the game. make themselves unique and maximize their enjoyment in the game.

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When it comes to choosing a class, players will have more success, whether it’s PvE (Player vs. Enemy) or PvP (Player vs. Player) content, if they have the necessary knowledge and information. to fully utilize their potential with a given class. The class that this guide will focus on will be for anyone who is interested in the Hunter class or already enjoys it.


PvE Hunter version

For the hunter, they have a little more diversity than most classes when it comes to deciding what combinations of active and passive skills they can take. The strongest build for the Hunter is a high burst build, otherwise known as the Nuker build. The Nuker build is great for tough boss fights, especially since hunters have the highest ST (single target) damage of any class. This dungeon-oriented build is packed with tons of AoE and ST damage, making it the optimal choice for dungeons and can be used to help clear the way to the boss effectively.

Nuker Build:

  • elven volley
  • split arrow
  • thunder hawk
  • Falcon Arrow
  • Precision
  • Wind Strike

elven volley deals a considerable amount of damage while having a short cooldown, making it one of the hunter’s main sources of damage. It’s a great base skill for most builds, given that it deals AoE damage while also being great for ST.

split arrow deals a large amount of damage with a medium cooldown. This skill is also excellent in most PvE scenarios and is another valuable damage option for the hunter. This skill’s animation is slightly longer than most, so players should make sure they don’t activate it during a boss skill, otherwise it will be much harder to dodge them.

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thunder hawk is one of the Hunter’s most powerful skills, increasing his auto-attack speed and adding 10% damage chance to each auto-attack. This ability’s cooldown is very long, but that’s only fair considering how powerful it is. It’s the skill that makes Hunter the best boss killers of any class, and if they’re lucky enough to have the skill trigger repeatedly during boss burst windows, they can render some battles extremely difficult bosses so much easier.

Falcon Arrow is another extremely powerful ability that deals a large amount of damage after marking a target. This skill has the longest cooldown of any hunter skill, so players should make sure they don’t waste this skill on irrelevant enemies. Learning the mechanics and routes of dungeons will allow players to use this skill to its maximum potential, instead of using it on a mob of trash that triggers a Boss spawn.

Precision is a passive skill that increases the hunter’s hit rate, increasing the accuracy of auto attacks and skills. While this might not seem like a big deal early in the game as enemies never evade attacks, later in the mid to late game it becomes much more useful. Even if the Hunter has powerful skills, what good are they if they are missing? Level accuracy will ensure that against harder targets with higher evasion rates, the hunter will still comfortably land more of their skills than other classes.

Wind Strike is a passive skill that gives hunters a chance to increase their attack speed each time they auto-attack or use a skill. The synergy this skill has with Thunder Hawk is what allows it to deal so much damage while active. Getting Thunder Hawk’s attack speed buff will increase the player’s chance of activating the Windstrike effect. Activating the Windstrike effect will increase the chance of Thunder Hawk’s bonus damage activating. This combination alone is what makes Hunter so deadly and unmatched in the ST damage department.

Hunter PvP Build

  • split arrow
  • elven volley
  • falcon leap
  • magnetic lead
  • hard bow
  • Precision
  • Wind Strike

split arrow, aside from its damage abilities and short cooldown, it works wonders in PvP as it naturally creates some distance between hunters and their enemies. Kiting is essential against melee classes like the Knight or Assassin and this skill makes it much easier to do.

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elven volley is awesome whether it’s 1v1 arena or battlefield oriented PvP. Since it deals high ST and AoE damage, it works in both scenarios, which is why this skill is a staple in all Hunter builds. Groups of enemies will have their eyes on Hunters in battle, as players know that if left unchecked, the amount of damage they can inflict will be too much to handle.

falcon leap does a decent amount of damage, but it’s in this build more for its mobility. Being able to travel large distances around the map helps players reach locations faster than others. It’s only great for kiting into combat or dodging powerful abilities. Without this skill, the hunter will be a sitting duck for most melee classes.

magnetic mine is not only great for kiting, but also useful for ambushing enemies. This skill immobilizes and damages enemies that come into contact with it, and is the best form of CC (Crowd Control) the hunter has. This skill isn’t very useful for Arena matches against other ranged classes, but in Battleground it’s invaluable. Not only does this help kite melee classes, but it can also allow other teammates to quickly and easily kill a captured ranged target.

hard bow increases auto attack damage dealt. Although it’s very simple, it has great synergy with Windstrike. Since Windstrike will allow hunters to increase their attack speed, Hard Bow’s effectiveness skyrockets, making their auto attacks even deadlier.

Precision is a passive skill that increases the success rate. Having higher accuracy helps a lot against the Hunter’s toughest PvP match, the Assassin, as they are extremely mobile and evasive. Landing more attacks is also an indirect way to increase the hunter’s overall damage output.

Wind Strike is a passive skill that gives the hunter a chance to increase their attack speed whenever they use auto attacks or skills. Hunters rely heavily on this skill to increase their damage in clutch scenarios. While there’s a bit of randomness to consider when using a skill that activates with a 10% chance, it’s still pretty consistent in combat.

Black Tales is available on Android and iOS devices.

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