Taylor Swift’s net worth and the expensive things she owns


Turning heads with her soulful songs, touching chords and crafting chart-topping albums that smash records only to set new ones are some of the things that come naturally to Taylor Swift. After 11 Grammys and countless hits, Swift’s music videos continue to instill the same kind of love and appreciation from an ever-growing group of Swifties (as Swift fans are called). With his latest album Midnights Set in October 2022 and already becoming a smash hit, let’s take a look at Taylor Swift’s net worth and some of the most expensive things she owns.

The ‘Blank Space’ star may have a song called ‘Paper Rings,’ but she’s got some pretty dazzling and expensive stuff under her belt. With an estimated net worth of $570 million, according to a Forbes Report 2022, Swift has an array of exquisite items that contribute to her huge fortune. And that goes far beyond his music.

Brand endorsements, remastered versions of her previous albums, stunning Beverly Hills properties, private jet, expensive cat breeds and more are some of her greatest assets.

Check out some of the most expensive things Taylor Swift owns

Extravagant properties

Image credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Having captivated the world with her own music and style, Swift has made a significant mark in the real estate segment and has a pretty impressive portfolio of eight properties, believed to be worth around $84 million.

She seems to share a deep connection to New York as the “Cardigan” star owns a lavish duplex penthouse in Manhattan’s swankiest Tribeca neighborhood. Valued at $20 million, Swift is said to have renovated the apartment for $535,000. In fact, her love for the Big Apple is such that she also owns a four-story townhouse in the city. Converted into a single house, it consists of three houses – the first purchased in 2015 for a reported $19.95 million, the second in 2017, for $12.5 million and a year later the third at an estimated cost of $9.75 million.

Swift’s Los Angeles portfolio is equally stately. In 2015, she spent an estimated $25 million on a Beverly Hills mansion formerly owned by film producer Samuel Goldwyn. It has been restored to 1934 aesthetics and has received Los Angeles Historic Accreditation, which implies that it cannot be demolished or significantly altered. Throughout her music career, the prolific singer and songwriter has owned several other properties in Beverly Hills that were later sold.

Additionally, Swift has invested heavily in the real estate scene in her hometown of Nashville. At the very beginning of his career, 20-year-old Taylor bought a 301 square meter apartment for nearly $2 million. In 2011, she bought a 5,000-square-foot Greek Revival mansion for her parents in the upstate neighborhood of Forest Hills for $2.5 million.

The “Wildest Dreams” icon stunned fans with her Rhode Island mansion. In 2013, Swift bought the beachfront residence in cash for $17.75 million, which saw many of her star-studded parties.

Private plane

Taylor Swift private jet
Image credit: Dassault Aviation

Taylor Swift is in the league of celebrities who have their own private jets. And why not? With countless shows and concerts around the world, it only makes sense to have a jet at your disposal. But the “Enchanted” singer went further and owned two private jets – Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900 and a Dassault Falcon 50. The 12-seater planes have amazing specifications and can easily accommodate most of her staff. Swift considers the number 13 a lucky charm, and she even reportedly had it painted on the jets. According to the media, she paid between 40 and 45 million dollars for each jet.

According to various reports, eight years after buying it in 2012, she sold it in 2020, in a bid to reduce the number of private jets she owns. However, Swift would go on to own the former and reportedly received backlash for being in the air for 170 flights and emitting nearly 800 tons of carbon.

Expensive cat breeds

Taylor Swift's Cats
Image credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Swift is a pet parent and has three feline furballs that are not only gorgeous but also incredibly expensive. The “Delicate” singer owns two Scottish cats named Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson after her favorite characters from Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU. The third feline is a ragdoll cat named Benjamin Button, named after the famous character of Brad Pitt in 2008.

Talor Swift Cats
Image credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray appear in Swift’s ‘Me’ and ‘Gorgeous’ music video from 2017 album Reputation also gives a special mention to those adorable pawed pets when she sings “Guess I’m just gonna go home to my cats.”

These are some of the more expensive breeds and can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 each. These pets require a royal travel kit, and in his 2020 Netflix documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana the three were revealed to travel the world in style in their own custom backpacks.

Designer clothes and accessories

Taylor Swift dress
Image credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

With worldwide popularity and fans like Taylor Swift, it’s only natural for the musician to have an extensive designer wardrobe and accessories. An array of expensive high fashion outfits paired with exquisite jewelry and accessories for every music video, red carpet appearance and award show often puts the internet in a whirlwind and Swifties are quick to take their cues.

In 2020, she wore several soft lace-up dresses for the “Willow” music video. One was a white Zimmerman coin with an advertised price of $2,650. It was paired with stunning pearl earrings that reportedly cost $8,950 and a floral tiara reportedly priced at $1,225.

In another instance, Swift teamed up with her friend and longtime associate Stella McCartney for a warm winter look. The designer created an orange and black plaid wool coat for the album cover of Still in 2020, and according to a Good Housekeeping report, the coat cost $2,875 and sold out instantly.

Speaking of award shows, Swift chose a dazzling green sequin number by Julien MacDonald for the 2019 American Music Awards. WWDaverage designer outfits cost between $10,000 and $40,000.

Reports also suggest she has a custom Christian Louboutin backpack tagged at $1,237. The ‘All Too Well’ star also loves designers such as Elie Saab, Versace and J Mendell.

Hit music albums, tours and movies

Taylor Swift's Scrapbook
Image credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

After keeping fans guessing for a long time, Swift has released her latest full album. Midnights in October 2022, once again causing an uproar in the global music arena. She’s no stranger to top Billboard positions and has some of the best-selling albums and tours under her belt.

His 2017 album Reputation broke and premiered several records and continues to be one of the best-selling music albums of all time. Sold nearly two million copies, the Reputation The tour also broke the record to become the highest-grossing world tour after raising around $345 million.

In 2014, his album 1989 sold over 3.7 million units and won the title of best-selling album of the year. The same year, she also pulled her music from streaming giant Spotify due to royalty payment issues. The same continued in 2015, when Swift released an open letter against Apple Music saying she wouldn’t stream. 1989 on the platform due to royalty rates.

Several of her albums have gone platinum and her genius is proven by the 11 Grammys she has won. After previous complicated royalty issues, Swift’s new deal with Republic Records and Universal Music Group spells out the monetary rules pretty clearly.

Besides a prolific music career, Swift has also appeared in a number of films. She has her own Netflix documentary titled Miss Americana: Taylor Swiftreleased in 2020, and has featured in several hit movies such as Cats (2019), The donor (2014) and gave her voice to Audrey in The Lorax (2012).

Brand endorsement offers

Besides her music career and top-grossing albums, Swift’s brand endorsements and social media posts also contribute heavily to her enormous wealth. From Keds and Diet Coke to Apple, Papa John’s, American Express and others, these renowned brands and companies are investing heavily in her and the deals add significantly to her growing net worth.

Philanthropic work

Philanthropic work
Image credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Despite being such a successful global icon and owning incredibly expensive things, Swift is also known to frequent and donate to charitable causes quite regularly and reach out to those in need.

In 2012, she donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and opened the Taylor Swift Education Center in Nashville. It’s a fun and interactive space to help people of all ages come together, learn and connect with museum content. Art installations, video labs, educational tours for schools and more make the Taylor Swift Education Center a dynamic learning arena.

Additionally, the singer is also an active supporter of the music scene and on her 24th birthday, Swift donated US$100,000 to the Nashville Symphony in 2013, to help the orchestra grow and diversify.

By extending relief to victims of a devastating tornado, Swift raised a whopping $750,000 from its 2010 Speak Now benefit concert and donated an additional $50,000 to Nashville Flood Relief.

Going beyond natural calamities, Swift is extremely vocal about issues plaguing society and showing her stance, she donated $113,000 to a pro LGBTQ+ community advocacy group – Tennessee Equality Project.

(Main and featured image credit: Taylor Swift/ Instagram)


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