Ted Nugent blasts big social media companies: ‘You’re lying’


American musician and activist Ted Nugent blasted major social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, instagramand Youtubeclaiming that they blocked users from their platforms sending wrong information.

Ted Nugent is one of the biggest names in rock and roll history. Receive his international fame for being the singer of The Dukes of Amboy bandaged, nugent had released seven studio albums with the band. Debuting in 1967 with his eponymous album, nugentThe last album with the group was their seventh album, released in 1974 Tooth, fang and claw.

In addition to The Dukes of Amboy, Ted Nugent has a respectable solo career. When he released his first solo studio album in 1975, the eponymous Ted Nugentthe musician’s last album was released in 2018, named The music made me do it. Apart from these albums, nugent has thirteen solo studio albums in his discography.

Apart from music, Ted Nugent was a supporter of former US President donald trumpwho was suspended from his social accounts in early 2021. For a while now, the rocker has also been talking about the realities of COVID-19 and saying he doesn’t believe it.

In his recent YouTube livestream on January 20, Ted nugent Talk about the injustice of social media platforms while also addressing their information on COVID-19 measures. Say that Big Tech fact checkers are liarshe once again showed his disagreement with the reality of COVID-19.

“Boy, is Big Tech crushing the First Amendment, like some kind of devil’s grease gangbangers,” Nugent said.

“Hey Big Tech fact checkers, you lying scum. And they all need to set up a COVID alert misinformation. No, no, no – anything from Big Tech, the media and government is misinformation.

“When I share frontline doctors, epidemiologists and virologists, experts, professional health specialists, doctors and lifelong dedicated scientists, when I express their findings, it is not misinformation ; this is relevant information.

“Big Tech, media and government, academia and Hollywood, when they identify things that come out of me – because I have no medical or scientific intuition; I’m arrogant but I’m not that stupid.

“So I go to medical professionals, dedicated front-line doctors, and I share truth, logic, and medical common sense. And when they identify it as misinformation, it’s misinformation. Okay? So let’s be warned.

Ted Nugent admits he ‘can’t believe they haven’t fired me yet’

Ted Nugent then spoke of his surprise at the decision of the major social media platforms. According to him, it was surprising that they hadn’t kicked him off their platforms yet after he was always critical. nugent also mentioned his wife’s suspension from social media and said it was unfair because she is the sweetest and most harmless person he has ever known.

“I can’t believe they haven’t fired me yet,” he admitted. “Twitter launched Shemane. She’s like Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc.

“She’s the tallest, sweetest, most harmless woman who’s ever walked the earth, and she started Twitter because she said something positive about Donald Trump – without consequence; just a compliment.

“By the way, do you know the First Amendment?” It was not given to us by the government. It didn’t start when they wrote it into the Constitution.

“Tell me, you know when they wrote obvious truth in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, those rights and freedoms didn’t start there; they already existed. We didn’t need a man to put this on paper.

“We got them from God, from the Creator. We are born with all these freedoms, all these rights that go without saying. We just put it in the docs in case we come across some asshole like King George – Joe Biden – trying to play tyrannical kingpunk emperor.

“We just want it on paper just to reference those punks who would try to rip it out of our souls. But we know we have it when we’re born, whether it’s on paper or not.

The Time Nugent calls Bruce Springsteen a ‘dirty bag’

During his appearance on January 18 on That Jamieson Show, Ted Nugent had sent words of praise for Bruce Springsteeneven if he called him a bastard. To say that he makes his music with his heart and his soul, nugent thanked him because they shared respect and admiration for musical integrity.

“You couldn’t be further apart ideologically, politically or from truth, logic and common sense than me and Bruce Springsteen, but here I will show some love for Bruce”, Ted noted.

“I was able to perform on the show ‘Conan’ with E Street Band, which is one of the greatest joys of my life. I have always been surrounded by the best musicians, and this is the perfect example.

“We played ‘Jenny Take A Ride’ by Mitch Ryder, and Max [Weinberg] and the guys performed it with incredible precision, perfection and soul.

“I therefore pay tribute to him for having this quality of virtuosos who deliver his music.

“Instead of going after Bruce for being a bastard and supporting communists like Biden and Obama, people who have ruined the quality of life, especially for minorities – how can he not see that, I don’t know not.

“I would like to salute Bruce Springsteen because he has always supported Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, a fundamental and fortified A-10 Warthog of musical authority in the life of all great bands.

“And if nothing else, if I met Bruce, I wouldn’t hit him. I always have Mike Tyson with me, and I give him $100 to punch some assholes. And I wouldn’t want Mike hitting him. I would say, ‘Mike, take a minute. Go get another asshole to punch.

“But I’m going to say ‘thank you’ to Bruce Springsteen because we share respect and admiration for musical integrity, enthusiasm.

“And you have to admit that Bruce’s career is based on his musical heart and soul. I don’t respect the delivery and content of his lyrics most of the time, but I would thank him for his enriching lives with powerful music. I wouldn’t go into his communist predilections.

“I would also thank him for doing a 9/11 tribute. So he has a great, great spirit.


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