Ted Nugent blasts Paul McCartney after his hunting criticism

(images: Kevin Winter/Gary Miller)

Ted Nugent breaks his silence after The Beatles guitarist Paul McCartney criticized him for hunting. During his new appearance in the recent The Night Nuge Podcast, Ted Nugent shot back and laughed at him McCartneyreferring to the fact that he killed everything to harvest food in his field.

Ted Nugent has been a rock music icon since 1964. He has performed numerous shows and released 16 solo studio albums during his musical career. During this period, nugent never hid his thoughts on any subject. He shared each time his political opinions or his criticisms, his praises and his admiration for musicians or artists. In addition to his musical career, nugent is also known for his hunting hobbies and vocal advocacy of gun ownership rights.

On the other hand, Paul McCartney is one of the greatest rock musicians, as he’s the richest rockstar in the world. Although he achieved worldwide notoriety as a member of The Beatleswhich was activated from 1960 to 1970, Paul grew his solo career and released 18 solo studio albums during this period. It has also won 18 Grammy Awards at press time. While McCartney got 9 of them as a member of The Beatleshe had 2 as a member of wings. He accepted 6 for his solo career and one as part of a joint collaboration.

Moreover, unlike nugent, Paul McCartney is against hunting and has been a vegan since the 1970s. He hasn’t eaten meat since then and has worked hard to raise awareness of animal cruelty. He has also tried to educate people about the negative aspects of the animal industry for decades. Along with his music, McCartney devoted his life to greenery, goodness and peace.

However, recently, Ted Nugent Talk about Paul McCartneycriticism of him and his hunting hobby. nugent mentioned McCartney attacked him by killing animals. He then added that he was asked to react to his criticisms, as he did.

“I did an interview this morning in New York, and they were talking about how Paul McCartney attacked me for killing ‘Bambi'” nugent mentioned. “I don’t remember being in a cartoon, but if you take enough LSD, I guess you can think that.

“My point is they wanted me to retaliate against Paul McCartney for attacking me. They wanted me to respond.

Ted Nugent Reveals How Paul McCartney Kills “Many Living Things in His Field”

The 73-year-old rocker then mentioned Paul McCartney and their consumption of foods other than meat. Reveal what he would say to Paul McCartney if they met, Nugent said these words would thank him for his extraordinary music, his incredible talent and his work ethic to make music. He then admitted that Paul McCartney kills many living things in his field to harvest food.

“So I answered and said, ‘If I could speak to Paul, I would say “Thank you, Paul, for enriching humanity with your incredible talents, your incredible composition, your dedication and your work ethic. to make such rewarding music”. and brought happiness and escape into our lives,” nugent continued.

“Even though he’s a tofu guy, which means he hires a guy with a tractor to kill everything to get this field ready for his beans. Then if something comes back dismembered in the bean field, Paul McCartney pays that tractor operator, so more money to kill whatever’s in the way of his salad.

Back in November 2021, Paul McCartney recalled his first marijuana experience with Bob Dylan as he focused on the band’s classic I have to bring you into my life. Say that Bob Dylan never mind, McCartney said it was a unique moment.

“I have to get you into my life, what we had to get into our lives, it seems, was marijuana,” Paul says. “Until we came across marijuana, we We were introduced to weed when we were in the US, and it blew our tiny little minds.

“Exactly what happened was we were in our hotel suite, possibly in New York, around the summer of 1964. Bob Dylan turned around with his roadie, the kind of guy who is more than a roadie – an assistant, a friend, a sidekick… He just released “Another Side of Bob Dylan”, and we were just drinking, as usual, drinking a little doing the party.

“We ordered drinks from room service – Scotch Coke and French wine were our business at the time. And Bob disappeared in the back room, we thought maybe he went to the bathroom, but then Ringo [Starr] came out of that back room looking a bit strange.

“He said, ‘I’ve just been with Bob and he’s got weed!’ And we said, ‘Oh, how is it?’ And he said, ‘Well, the ceiling is kind of moving, coming down.’ And that was enough. After Ringo said that, the other three of us hopped into the back room where Dylan was, and he gave us a pot of a joint. We were expecting something instantaneous, so we kept huffing and saying, “It’s not working, is it? »

“And suddenly it was working. And we laughed, we laughed at each other. I remember George [Harrison, guitar] trying to run away, and I was running after him. It was hilarious, like a cartoon chase. We thought, ‘Wow, this stuff is amazing.’


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