The 10 best Midland stories of 2021


6. New Superintendent at Midland ISD

MISD Superintendent Angelica Ramsey speaks 3/5/2021 at the PTA Midland Lunch. Tim Fischer / Reporter-Telegram

Tim Fischer / Midland Reporter-Telegram

A school district in need of an academic performance boost has chosen a California education leader to lead it in 2021.

Midland ISD made a very unconventional decision, exiting the state to select Angelica Ramsey to come and move a school district stuck in academic mud and lingering in the state’s bottom quartile.

Ramsey started in February and has already changed executive leadership at the top of his administration. She also said that the old “central office” has become a “district service center,” which she hopes shows the leadership’s commitment to supporting campuses across the district.

The goal among leaders appears to be the creation of more cohesive and cohesive policies within the MISD community, particularly at the elementary school level – something that leaders say has lacked and places MISD in a “situation where we must now work hard to make sure we become a district of one.

Ramsey’s freshman year was not without some high-level board conversations about the MISD calendar, the placement of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, the elimination of the public comment period (which doesn’t did not happen) and the mask warrants.

However, for those who have paid attention, there have been executive actions regarding academic performance, which had not been seen for some time.


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