The 10 Worst Episodes Of The Entire Franchise, According To Reddit


With the recent premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worldsthere is reason to believe star trek approaches new heights with its signature storytelling. However, for a franchise over half a century old, there have been occasions when some hiking the adventures have been deficient in their writing or depiction of race, gender, or historical background.

Recently, several Reddit streams have been created discussing the worst efforts in the franchise’s 55-year history. Some incidents date back to the 1960s while others are more recent when three hiking series, The next generation, Deep Space Nineand Traveler carried the torch of Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the future of humanity.


Move along the house – DS9

The cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Visiting dignitaries from the Gamma Quadrant are enraged when Quark launches one of his game plans against them. As a result, Commander Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax and Julian Bashir become pawns, imprisoned in a game construct called Chula by the visiting Wadi and must thwart traps to escape.

For Redditor tsaler who has great regard for DS9 as a whole “but this episode made me so angry to lose this hour of my life that could never be reclaimed!” The premise just annoyed them with the “hopscotch and silly worms”. In the same way, rulipari found the premise unsatisfying because “there’s just no tension in this story because…this game poses no danger to anyone involved.”

The Path to Eden – TOS

A group of space hippies led by the eccentric Dr. Sevrin board the Enterprise declaiming a mythical paradise called Eden and ask Captain Kirk to escort them. Among the group is an old flame of Ensign Chekov named Irina. Kirk thinks their claims are ridiculous while Spock finds merit in their spiritual pursuits. Sevrin, being the son of a diplomat, forces Kirk’s hand.

The third season of the original star trek nothing out of the ordinary, according to many Redditors, but fishey_me finds this episode “cringe-inducing”, adding the uninteresting “singing space hippies and the ‘herbert, herbert, herbert’, BS is just boring.” Ink dripping fingers echoed that opinion on their first viewing, “I got so pissed off I turned it off.”

Shades of Gray – TNG

Commander Riker falls into a coma after contracting a mysterious virus. He begins reliving past memories in his dreams, including some rather gruesome encounters, such as being swallowed by the murderous alien Armus in “Skin of Evil”. Although separated from Councilor Troi for many years, their passion becomes the main weapon against the progression of the disease until a cure is found.

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While this episode airing around the time of a writer’s strike in Hollywood doesn’t excuse its poor execution, according to Redditors like tilt64069 wondering if the showrunners “could have taken a random fan script and made a better episode”. Respondent Rainy day156 wrote “the entire episode is basically a rehash of stuff we’ve seen before”, referring to Riker’s dreams that were stock footage from past episodes.

The Paradise Syndrome – TOS

When probed by an ancient interface on a distant world, Captain Kirk emerges amnesiac before a tribe of Native people as their savior and is immediately appointed chief medical officer after saving a boy from drowning. Some tribesmen, however, are unconvinced of Kirk’s divinity and plot to kill him, especially after the chief’s daughter is promised to Kirk. Meanwhile, Spock and the Enterprise race to narrow the path of an approaching asteroid.

Editor sunny_bell understood that the stereotypical portrayal of minorities on TV in the 1960s was common, but “just because it was a product of its time doesn’t mean we can’t watch it and say ‘it’s wrong’.” ” In their opinion, hikingrepresentation of indigenous peoples has not improved, citing Chakotay of of the Traveler writing “he’s a hodgepodge of several tribal traditions with no real respect for the tribe he’s supposed to be from.”

Spock’s Brain – TOS

Spocks Brain from Star Trek

A subdued Enterprise crew awakens to find Spock’s brain perfectly stolen by an unknown assailant. Kirk, Scotty and McCoy track the thief to a nearby planet where its inhabitants keep a malfunctioning supercomputer. McCoy uses Spock’s implanted consciousness to teach him the surgical techniques needed to restore his body.

A few episodes of star trek sound big and nonsensical like Redditor archyprof explains in writing the third season opener “always felt so over the top”, adding “it seems funny, but they’re so serious about it…and I couldn’t figure out if they were trying to be super serious or deliberately tongue in cheek.”

Sub Rosa – TNG

Crusher and Entity form Sub Rosa

Dr. Beverly Crusher inherits her grandmother’s house after her death. Being her inspiration to go into medicine, she tries to find out more about her grandmother’s life. Her curiosity peaks when she reads a journal entry about a secret lover who turns out to be a malevolent spirit that has haunted her family for generations. The entity then attempts to bond with Crusher and hijack the Enterprise.

Editor crapusername47 remembers the episode as “where star trek tries to make a scary ghost story in which Crusher becomes an idiot on a planet full of horrible Scottish stereotypes.” Redditor vanKessZak thought they detected similarities between it and another work of fiction written “that some parts look like a rip-off of Anne Rice’s book The time of the crime.”

Tuvix – Traveler

Tuvix in Star Trek Voyager

A transporter crash leaves Tuvok and Neelix merged creating Tuvix. He begins to function as a member of Travelerand form a new identity. However, Kes’ depression over losing both her life mate and spiritual advisor troubles Captain Kathryn Janeway who makes a morally questionable decision to force Tuvix back through the transporter to undo the transformation.

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Editor nubose felt intrigued by the story’s resolution asking, “wouldn’t they remember how messed up it was to be dragged into this?” referring to Janeway’s order that Tuvix be fired to return the two men to normal. They also wrote “no thought about how they did a potentially horrible thing”, which made for an ambiguous ending.

These are the trips – Enterprise

Archer T'Pol Enterprise Final

In a surprise twist, Enterprise NX-01’s final journey is seen through a holographic simulation that Riker witnessed aboard Enterprise-D just prior to the events of “The Pegasus”. Riker worries that his former commanding officer, Eric Pressman, is coming to visit. To cope with his stress, Troi suggests that he seek the wisdom of Captain Jonathan Archer and his final mission aboard NX-o1 just before the Federation was formed.

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The series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise drew uncompromising outrage from Redditors with Ink dripping fingers calling it “the worst episode of Star Trek ever made”, further writing “I’m still stunned that it was meant as ‘a love letter to the fans’. Redditor LordRavenholmin an expletive-filled rant, felt that it ruined the final season and was “pretty much the pinnacle of terrible in every way imaginable”.

Threshold – Traveling

Star Trek Voyager threshold

During a risky experiment to reach Warp 10, Lieutenant Tom Paris begins to show signs of advanced evolution. Over time, the Doctor fails to determine the cause of his sudden mutation. Janeway teams up with Paris to recreate the experiment in hopes of reversing the effects, but they end up on an isolated planet fully evolved as a species of lizard with offspring.

A nicknamed Redditor nidalee-forever evoked this beginning Traveler adventure as “easily the strangest star trek intrigue I have ever seen”, about a pet project causing drastic evolutionary changes in Paris with mikeandjerryreview agreeing “it was very disturbing” to see Travelerhelmsman and captain like two lizards in a swamp.

Code of Honor – TNG

In episode four of Star Trek: The Next Generation, their mission was to acquire a vaccine found only on Ligon II, a planet inhabited by an all-black tribe. The monarch accepts the exchange there but kidnaps Lieutenant Natasha Yar as a consolation prize to become his wife. The queen, however, is angered by her husband’s actions and claims the rite to challenge his would-be successor to a fight to the death.

The episode’s blatant stereotypes were clear to Redditor SGTBillyShears pointing out “the villain is a black man living on a planet of primitives who kidnaps a white girl…” and “…speaks in a tribal accent…” Redditor Corgana agreed that “Code of Honor” hasn’t aged well to the point that “it’s just a cringe-worthy bunch of horribly written vomit”.

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