The 11 best places to read comics online for free


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When I first started out in comics when I was young (Amazing X-Men, anyone?) you had to know exactly which comic book or graphic novel I wanted to read and buy it online. Do not mistake yourself. I read some really good comics this way, but as an avid comic book novice with no local comic book store to guide me, it definitely slowed my descent into full comic assimilation. I mostly discovered new stories thanks to writers / artists that I liked or who want to dig deeper into MCU characters and plots. Over the years, I have found so many more resources for discovering and reading new comics. And the best part? Many of these resources are completely free!

Whether you’re a longtime comic book fan or just dip your toes into the comic book world (don’t be intimidated! Many of us are nice!), You might be surprised at how many resources available to read comics online for free. . Free and legal, that’s what we love to hear!

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I stumbled across this site recently and was amazed at the amount of comics and graphic novels that I recognized in my own TBR – including some, like Steampunk snow queen, which I couldn’t find on other legal comic book sites. A number of Boom, Valiant, and Dark Horse comics are available on Graphite for free reading. Start your free comic book reading with Snap! The next jam, Divinity, Ladycastle, Lumberjanes, Where Goldie Vance.

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Do you have a library card? Well, chances are you have access to an incredible database of comics and graphic novels (not to mention eBooks, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, and music) from Hoopla. This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to reading comics because the app is so easy to use and has an absolutely massive database of comics and graphic novels to search for. . I’m not even going to bother to list any suggestions on where to start with Hoopla, because if you have a list of TBR comics, you’ll probably find one of your choices here.

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If you have experience reading comics mainly from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc., you may not have tried web comics. But you should! Independent and up-and-coming creators publish their comics online on sites like, giving readers around the world a chance to fall in love with their work. It’s not uncommon for stories that start out as web comics to be released in physical form later as well. Think Nimona, Moon cakes, Fangs, and Heart stroke.

Where to start ? A few of my personal recommendations for great Tapas webcomics include Cosmochevaliers for science fiction fans, Without courage for fantastic mermaid / princess / knight frolics, and Undergrowth tales for adorable slice-of-life comics with a cottagecore aesthetic. You can find many lists of recommendations for specific genres online, like SFF scary webcomics, LGBTQ webcomics, and newcomer webcomics. You can also sort the comics by genre to find exactly what you are looking for on the Tapas app / website. Basically what I’m saying is what are you waiting for? Keep going and start exploring.

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Access the first issues of a number of Marvel comics for free in this section of the Marvel website. If you are looking for an introduction to the Marvel series, this could be a good place to start. Certainly not exhaustive, but you can find a number of major issues in Immortal hulk, Strange X-Men, Shuri, The Power of Thor, The life of Captain Marvel, and Venom Just to name a few. Not as comprehensive as some of the other sites and apps mentioned on this list, but if you’re a Marvel fan, it’s worth checking out.

DC Universe Infinite blue logo

In the “Read for Free” section of DC Universe Infinite, you can find the issues of new and old versions. The list of available comics seems to be changing, so keep an eye on the site to see what’s available. You can now consult the first issue of Sweet tooth as good as CatWoman / Tweety and Sylvester. It might not be a huge choice, but hey it’s free!

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Exactly As Advertised: This is a section of the Barnes & Noble website where you can find a selection of their comics and graphic novel from Corner eBooks available for free. This is not a bad deal! A surprisingly large number of DC works are on offer, including Superman crushes the clan, Supergirl: be super, and DC Universe Renaissance Batman. Other brands like IDW and First Second have appeared under the Graphic Novels & Comics Ebooks tab. Most downloads are just previews or previews, but others include a glitch or two, so it’s definitely worth checking out. You just have to be ready to scroll to find the hidden gems.

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Even more free webcomics to keep you occupied and entertained! Like Tapas, WEBTOON is accessible via the web or through an app and has a variety of amazing comics that you can read online for free. Make sure to check Knowledge of Olympus, which will also be published by Del Rey Books later this year.

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I’ve grouped these two together because while they may contain slightly different content, their selection serves the same purpose: to provide access to a wide variety of comics from the Golden and Silver Age in the field. public. Do you recognize most of these titles? Probably not. But if you’re looking for lesser-known vintage comic book readings or looking for a particular issue out of print, you might find what you’re looking for here.

Teal Blue Comixology

While Comixology is a paid comic book subscription database through Amazon, the app also offers a number of comics and graphic novels for free download. A quick read revealed a number of gems like Lady Mechanika, Black Panther, faith vol 1, and The walking dead available free of charge.

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Did I already mention how useful it is to have a library card? In addition to the comics and graphic novels you’ll find on the shelves of your local library, most libraries also offer customers a number of other apps and databases that you can access from the comfort of your home. Like Hoopla, Libby is an app with countless e-books, audiobooks, and comics for you to view through your phone. You can even save and tag titles you want to read later for easy searching.

The selection changes depending on the specific database your local library uses, but each one I’ve used has kept me entertained with some great new (and old) comics and graphic novels to read. And everything is available for free! Thank goodness for the libraries.

These are some of my favorite resources for reading comics online for free. They have served me well over the years, and now I hope they help you dive even deeper into the world of comics and graphic novels. Good reading!

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