The 14 Scariest Mythological Monsters From Horror Movies



For the first two-thirds of its running time, “La Pyramide” is not, strictly speaking, a good film. Although it has French horror writer Alexandre Aja as a credited producer, “La Pyramide” is oddly rare. The acting is uncertain, the setting is cheap, and the fears are reduced to “loud noises”. As directed by Grégory Levasseur in his first feature film, it is an intermittent barrel bottom film, the kind of film revealing a dying trend.

Something curious happens in the third act, however. When the main antagonist is introduced, “The Pyramid” becomes a hoot. A team of archaeologists discovers a lost pyramid in Egypt and immediately puts on equipment to explore it. They are shot down one after the other by an invisible creature. In the end, only Ashley Hinshaw’s Dr Nora Holden remains. Then, in a ritual chamber, the invisible antagonist finally makes himself known.

This is none other than Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, mummification, embalming and the afterlife. He is depicted in all his jackal glory with his scales, a tool by which the hearts of the deceased are measured to judge their worth. Visually, he’s little more than another creepy monster in the dark, but it’s a ridiculous twist that works. There is something terribly campy about seeing an Egyptian god walking around a hidden temple in 2015.



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