The 5th Annual Oxnard Jazz Festival brings the summer festival season to a close with a variety of jazz styles and legendary musical artists


Jeffrey Osborne and Eric Darius headlined the 2022 Oxnard Jazz Festival which featured an array of talented musicians with Kelly’s Lot, Queens of Soul Jazz, Blake Aaron, Gold Coast Horns, Hiroshima; You Travis Miller, Erin Stevenson, Paula Atherton, Bunny Brunel, The Emotions and Darryl Walker. And executive producer Chuck Dennis was honored by the town of Oxnard.

September 19, 2022 – Oxnard, California – On September 10 and 11, 2022, the Oxnard Jazz Festival presented a larger-than-life concert after a two-year hiatus. Fans of jazz, soul, Latin, blues and R&B came in droves. The open-air festival hosted over 4,000 ticket holders with a sea of ​​vendors, great food and, most importantly, great music. The festival featured artists with household names, as well as local talent. Top contemporary jazz bands have graced the OJF stage, many are Billboard artists. What is unique about the festival is that it provides a stage and embraces diversity, female musicians and honors legends. Paula Atherton, whose new version is climbing the Billboard charts, performed on Sunday. This multi-instrumentalist not only played the saxophone and the flute, but she also sang. Queens of Soul Jazz, with saxophonist Jeanette Harris and flautist Althea Renee, Billboard chart-topping artists, caused a stir with their highly skilled instrumental ensemble, and acclaimed vocalist Erin Stevenson captivated with her soulful vocal performance. The Oxnard Jazz festival brought top smooth jazz artists, saxophonist Eric Darius, vocalist Darryl Walker, guitarist Blake Aaron, to the stage and featured new band Gold Coast Horns with Billboard artists saxophonist Jeff Ryan, trumpeters Lin Rountree and Johnny Britt.

The Oxnard Jazz Festival has shown the world that you get better with age. Legendary musicians with 40 years of career enthralled the crowd who enthusiastically welcomed and praised these seasoned icons. Grammy-winning band The Emotions are still performing and conjuring up memories of the old school. During their performance, people gathered around the stage to sing their beloved songs. Fusion giant Bunny Brunel played the groove-heavy music of his Grammy-nominated band CAB as the audience listened and stared in awe at former bandmate Chick Corea. Hiroshima, who has sold over 50 million albums in his career, continues to penetrate souls with his esoteric and thoughtful music. And 70-year-old, Grammy-nominated crooner Jeffrey Osborne is still the soulful entertainer he was in his 40s—nothing has changed! Osborne was engaging and comedic during his show as he performed his litany of hit songs at the Oxnard Jazz Festival. Even with the bad weather this Saturday, the headliner told the audience, “If at 74 I can feel energetic, so can you. Let’s party with me singing my “old school” songs. are you with me? And the audience’s approval kicked Osborne’s performance into high gear. He demolished the house!

On the festival’s opening day, Oxnard Mayor John C. Zaragoza presented Chuck Dennis with a Certificate of Appreciation for the 5th Annual Oxnard Jazz Festival. Dennis was also honored by the Ventura City Council with the presentation of Vince Stewart.

Chuck Dennis, producer of the Oxnard Jazz Festival:

“For me, the highlights of the festival were watching the faces and expressions in the audience of people really having a good time. The Oxnard Jazz Festival isn’t just me, it’s also my great team. And I was particularly delighted to have been able to present my personal band, The Gold Coast Horns, on the OJF stage. We have a brand new single called ‘Bounce to This’ – it was their introduction to the world!”

Sheryl Aronson, OJF Director of Artist Relations

“The community of Oxnard works together to organize this great festival. The staff are very loyal and have worked with Chuck for years, we are such a great team, providing the absolute best experience for ticket holders. The motto is “Feel the Groove”, and you can really see it. Everyone gets up and dances. People and some VIPs have been coming back for years and everyone knows each other. It’s like one big happy family reunion!

The all-star lineup with two days of performances, along with a diverse lineup of music, gave festival-goers a potpourri of styles. The OJF is an outdoor festival, held at Oxnard Beach Park, and those in attendance turned out in droves despite the weather. Day 1 was unprecedentedly gloomy with intermittent rain. Guests said it was a break and relief from the heat wave Southern California had been experiencing. On day 2, the sun came out and the temperatures exceeded 100 degrees, but that didn’t stop the party. Music lovers filled the hall on both days and some even traveled across the country to see their favorite musicians. and Kyle Eastwood and Sherry Gordy were just a few of the celebrities also in attendance.

Programming of the OJF for Saturday September 10, 2022:

Lot of Kelly; the queens of Soul Jazz (Jeanette Harris and Althea Renee); Blake Aaron; Gold Coast Horns (Johnny Britt, Jeff Ryan, Lin Rountree); Hiroshima; and Jeffrey Osborne

OJF programming for Sunday, September 11, 2022:

You Travis Miller; Erin Stevenson, Paula Atherton; Bunny Brunel; The emotions; Darryl Walker; and Eric Darius

“Shout to Oxnard. The whole city is amazing, I’m so grateful to be here. Everyone is so wonderful and they know all the lyrics! It’s just such a blessing to keep doing this. I’m 70, but I’m still 30. I love to sing and that’s what keeps me young. –Emotions, Wanda Hutchinson-Vaughn

“I had a great time playing to such a welcoming crowd at the Oxnard Jazz Festival. I was joined by some amazing musicians, playing the music of CAB and honoring the person who started my career, Chick Corea I always pay a little tribute to him on my shows with tracks like we did today, ‘The Slide’ and ‘Spain’ Gotta give it to Chuck Dennis for extending his platform to jazz- fusion.–Brunel Rabbit

“We never consider the people who listen to our music as fans, but as part of our growing cultural community. All the interest is [to bring people together]it’s about unity, and that’s why June [Kuramoto] can play with her heart because she wants to bring people back there every time she plays. –Hiroshima, Dan Kuramoto

About the OJF headliners:

“The public makes it fresh because it’s always different. I strive to reach the people who come to my concerts, which is the most important element of my performance. I want to make sure everyone is having fun and having a good time – it stays fresh with me. My first love is live. I love recording, but there is a cold side. It’s just me and an engineer. But live, I’m in front of people who have been my fans for many years and their chemistry is what motivates me. I feed on them and they feed on me, and there’s no other feeling like that. -Jeffrey Osborne, DIARY Magazine

“I have evolved in every way. When I go back and listen to my older albums, I feel like everything has been elevated. I always push myself musically. From a stage performance perspective, I bring new dimensions to my show. Eric Darius goes on to say, “I’m passionate about what I do; I am someone who gives 110% and someone who really likes to share his gift of music. I believe God has blessed me with this gift. The fans motivate and inspire me. I stayed true to myself and true to my music. —Eric Darius, Schmooze Jazz Magazine

5th Annual Oxnard Jazz Festival Sponsors:

  • Main sponsors: Chuck Dennis Production, Alexander Cadillac, Stella Artois, Advocate Society Wellness, T-Mobile, The Port of Hueneme, Bard Boys, Victoria Entertainment, LLC
  • Gold Sponsors: Coast Cart, Hueneme Beach Festival, Schmooze Jazz Magazine, Coca-Cola, City of Oxnard, Mission Healthcare
  • Media Sponsors: KJLH 102.3 FM, Fuego 97.1 FM, Old School 104.7 FM; Alpha Digital Printing (ADP), Divine Brown Media Group, Emerald City Communications & Marketing, LLC
  • Community Partners: Bud Light, Bomb Life (Ventura County), Good Choice Catering, Costco Wholesale, Holiday Inn Express (an IHG hotel), IMW – IVIE McNeil Wyatt Purch & Diggs; Fantasy Life Car Show, Marriott Ventura Beach, Pucker Up, Residence Inn Marriott, Nestlé; Orange Theory Fitness, Salzer’s Records, Union Bank, Switch Car Club, Sparkletts, Mission Healthcare, Victoria Entertainment, LLC

“After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, it was very exciting to work on this year’s Jazz Festival. As Executive Director of the festival, our fifth year’s goal was to bring jazz, latin, soul, blues and R&B musicians, dynamic retailers and various food vendors, as well as many other inviting attractions to make the festival a high profile event and destination to close out the summer festival season. With over 4,000 attendees smiling, dancing, singing, enjoying friends and family among the swaying palm trees by the beach with beautiful white sand dunes and blue Pacific waters in the background, I think that we have achieved our goal!” – Daphne King, Executive Director of the Oxnard Jazz Festival

About Oxnard Jazz Festival:

With the motto “Feel the Groove”, OJF is a celebration of cultural music offering a diverse concert experience with the option of VIP seating in an incredible outdoor setting, complemented by scenic beaches, vendor stalls, cultural dishes and many other inviting attractions. which make the festival an event and a destination of choice to close the summer festival season. The Oxnard Jazz Festival is a mix of jazz, Latin, soul, blues and R&B. Southern California’s best-kept secret, Ventura County is the gateway to the Gold Coast and home to some of the country’s most respected jazz musicians. The town of Oxnard is a vibrant and culturally diverse community known as the “Strawberry Capital”. Its historical, recreational and environmental assets make it one of the richest regions in America, cultivating an exciting celebration of music. Oxnard Beach Park has beautiful white sand dunes and blue Pacific waters in the background, providing a resort-like experience. The beaches are known for their sunshine, gentle waves and easy access. it’s a five-mile stretch of sand that’s a romantic spot for sunset watchers. If you like music, you will love the Oxnard Jazz Festival! (

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