The best 90s nostalgia referenced in Pam & Tommy


Of course, a vintage piece wouldn’t be appropriate without a fashion style worthy of the era. The decade of the 90s is absolutely defined by its own vision of fashion. Anderson, of course, embraced the glamorous style that was consistent with the times, donning flashy but neat clothes. Big hair was still a must in the 90s, although it was very different from the big permanent hairstyles of the 80s. There was also a grungy appeal to the 90s that Tommy Lee apparently embraced, despite his rock n’ 80s rock. The chunky shiny necklaces and pocket chains alongside the intricately cut soul patch were all popular style choices for the rock scene. The couple’s wedding was ultimately a perfect screenshot of the opposing, yet popular styles of the time.

Rand Gauthier represented the common man, even as he dug himself a major moral and legal hole. However, her wardrobe consisted largely of t-shirts and jeans, a casual style that exploded in that decade. Of course, the mullet hadn’t quite exhausted its welcome in the ’90s, at least in some circles. Lee’s band also included other rockers (not specifically based on real individuals) with accented punk-rocker hairstyles. Additionally, faded hairstyles were all the rage and only became more prominent around the turn of the century.


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