The Isley Brothers talk about their collaboration with Beyonce


After 60 years together that has seen the Isley Brothers release iconic hit after iconic hit, they say they are on the verge of taking their careers to phase. And all thanks to Beyonce Knowles. The star, who just shot to the top of the charts with her latest release, has collaborated with The Isley Brothers on their upcoming album.

Talk with Billboard on how their collaboration came about, Ronald explained:

“I had met Beyoncé and spoken with her when she was just getting started with Destiny’s Child. When we started recording our new album here [Los Angeles] Last year, the idea of ​​working with Beyoncé was one of the first things I thought of. She worked on it for most of the last year between recording her own album, doing her vocals for it while she was in the Hamptons.

Later in the interview, Ronald added how rejuvenated he felt working with one of pop music’s biggest stars:

“For me, this new album is almost like the beginning. I’m so happy about it. But I also want people to hear it and decide. I remember when I couldn’t wait for people to hear ‘That Lady’ when we were mixing it. That’s how excited we all were. You just want all your fans to hear it too. Beyoncé’s mom texted us about how they cried over the record when Beyoncé played it for them. Me, Kandy and his sister were together when we first heard it and they were crying. Then Ernie and his wife came over and they started crying again. We hadn’t cried on a record in years.”

Are you a fan of the Isley Brothers? Any new album from the would be highly anticipated, but knowing that they worked with Beyonce, their new album is skyrocketing to the top of my playlist!


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