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More than other seasons, people associate a song or songs with summer. It’s not hard to see why. The children do not go to school and have free time. And even when they work in the summer, they listen to the radio and hear the same songs over and over again.

For those who are in the workforce year round, this is when many take a vacation and associate the free time with a song played during the season.

There is a certain vibe in the summer – better weather, free time, a carefree spirit, a liberating stroll along the beach, partying around the clock with your best friends, new or rekindled romances. And people associate pleasure, or sorrow, with a summer song.

To determine which song of the summer you were born into, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the highest Billboard Hot 100 Ranking song released in June, July and August for each year between 1958 and 2021. We used the total number of weeks on the Billboard chart to break ties.

Summer songs aren’t necessarily songs that have summer in the lyrics, like Eddie Cochran’s anthem and well-covered “Summertime Blues”. It could be a song from a movie, like “Grease”, which produced “You’re the One That I Want” which topped the charts in June 1978.

But some of the most memorable summer songs are tunes about love that drifted away with the breezes of the season, like Frank Sinatra’s melancholy version of “Summer Wind” released in August 1966.

Summer may be transitory, but the songs we associate with it are locked in our memories.

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