The very sexy part of Doja Cat proves that it’s never too early for Halloween!


Doja Cat is giving off some serious sexy vibes in her latest Instagram post.

Doja Cat, you vixen


The “Vegas” singer brought out her inner naughtiness indicating that she may already be in Halloween mode. She wore a lace bodysuit and paired it with a variant of a naughty only nurse outfit, this nurse can also be evil.

In true DC fashion, she made her message nice and dark. She may not be the nurse you want to see when you first open your eyes. Nonetheless, the ever-performing singer looked sensational. The outfit was completed with a pair of sexy red fishnet stockings held up with garters.

If that’s the Halloween vibe this year, we can’t wait to see her costume on the day.

The Halloween spirit is alive in Dojo Cat’s house

Doja Cat is a sexy vixen in IG Story Post, Halloween mode on!
Instagram/Doja chat

It wasn’t just her attire that made the mood dark and sexy, it was also her sanctuary. The singer’s house was a little decorated with a Halloween outfit. A black throw that looks a bit like a spider’s web sits on the back of her couch.

A spooky red light shines in the background and what appears to be a Halloween movie plays on TV.

The mug that Doja is sipping from has a Halloween pumpkin face. She even changed her profile picture to a giant black spider. She’s in full Halloween mode at this point.

Doja Cat recently did the Big Chop


The singer recently did a drastic hair change and cut all her hair. Besides that, she shaved her eyebrows. Many thought she was going through something and definitely accused the singer of having a nervous breakdown.

She confirmed that it was perfectly fine, but she made a change that she wanted and even though it’s shocking to some to see it, she actually doesn’t care. The look was a bit of a shock but, now, we think it’s awesome for Halloween!

Her looks are endless now and we know the rebel singer and sometimes rapper likes to look good, just watch her music videos and follow her on the ‘gram.

Is Doja Cat too early for the game?

Doja Cat is a sexy vixen in IG Story Post, Halloween mode on!
Instagram/Vanessa Hudgens

No way, actually, if anything she could be tendency and in front of most of his peers. Vanessa Hudgens recently posted a sexy photo on her IG Story of herself dressed as Spice Girl, she didn’t specify which one but from her look it was a combination of everything to form her own.

She had Baby Spice’s signature braids but instead of being blonde, they were black like Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice.

She completed her look with a black crop top like Sporty Spice Melanie C. And finally, she completed her look with a gold chain that had an animal tooth attached to it, the element Scary Spice, Melanie B.

She captioned the photo, “Uummm, soooo, I guess I’m in the band now,” she tagged the photo, “spice up your life.”

Kylie Jenner also mentioned in her infamous lactating TikTok video, that after changing her shirt, she was heading to “get ready for a Halloween costume.”

Kylie Jenner lactates on herself filming a TikTok

Yeah, looks like the stars are in Halloween mode.


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