The volume of FJB encryption is skyrocketing to over 1000%; Know the price forecast



The prize of Let’s Go Brandon! (FJB) the cryptocurrency has jumped 252 percent to US $ 0.003348 in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, the 24-hour volume of FJB crypto climbed more than 1,230 percent.

The FJB crypto launched in October of this year, and it’s the native coin of Let’s Go Brandon, a project that seeks to build a decentralized media organization.

Why is FJB crypto soaring?

The price of FJB crypto surged after former White House adviser Steve Bannon said the cryptocurrency can help supporters of former US President Donald Trump and ‘fight for America’ .

In 2016, Mr. Bannon served as General Manager of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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Steve Bannon has been charged with fraud in connection with his crowdfunding campaign, which targeted the border wall between the United States and Mexico. Mr. Trump formally pardoned him before leaving the White House.

Since his pardon, Mr Bannon is often seen commenting on Joe Biden’s victory, and he once said that the election results were “rigged” in favor of the current President of the States. United.

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Come on Brandon! was a chant used by supporters of Donald Trump during the presidential election. The name of the project is based on the song, and it has garnered support from prominent figures like Candace Owens, a political expert, and Ryan Fournier, founder of Students for Trump.

At the end of the line

The use of the FJB crypto is to act as a voice for the Let’s Go Brandon movement, which is crossing America. This cryptocurrency aspires to be the premier digital asset for right-wing supporters in the United States.

Once the media company is up and running, the FJB crypto will act as a native utility token. Articles published on the platform will be permanently stored on the blockchain.

Although Mr. Trump lost the election, he got many votes. A lot of people remain supporters of Donald Trump, and they might pay attention to FJB crypto.

On December 23, crypto FJB hit an all-time high of $ 0.0038 per token. The price of cryptocurrency could increase in the future. However, since this is a relatively new digital asset, it could also go down due to the high volatility.

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