Three Best Towns for Romance in the Pacific Northwest


Four days and counting.

Valentine’s Day 2022.

Feeling the Pressure of Valentine’s Day Weekend

What’s it gonna be, what are you gonna do? Looking for ideas?

Livability has it and we are ready to share!.

The livability peeps get it. They are not talking about an overpriced restaurant or an overpriced hotel. They know that the best Valentine’s Day gifts are experiences and adventures that couples can share together and create their own memories.

So here are the “most romantic cities” in each of the Pacific Northwest states for your carnal consideration.

Idaho’s Most Romantic Town

In alphabetical order, we start with the most romantic city in the state of Idaho. It’s a town with a name that sounds a bit like what every woman wants to do to her reluctant Valentine. Grab it!

“Catch Him”…shortened to “Catch ’em”…rearranged to “Ketchum”. Eight hours south of Pullman, or about 150 miles east of Boise, Ketchum’s slogan is “Small Town, Big Life.”

Art museums, shopping, gastronomy, everything is there for a romantic getaway. But it has a very special and unique thing – a starry sky reserve. It’s like a nature reserve, but for the stars! This means Ketchum is part of Idaho’s fight to preserve nighttime clarity, minimize light pollution and keep the stars shining bright. So what could be more romantic than sitting back after a full day of exploring, dining and gazing at starry skies?

Where Love Blooms Best in Oregon

Oregon is next and can you guess? Did you guess, Salem? (The thing that burns the witches makes the story dramatic, but it’s the other Salem, the one in Massachusetts!) Do you think you’d find Oregon’s capital “romantic”?

Habitability says Although Portland is the best-known city in this leafy state, you shouldn’t sleep in Salem…and here’s why.

There’s a lot for you and your partner to explore. Not only is Oregon an outdoor state, but it has a wonderful food and craft brew scene as well as a thriving arts culture. And the downtown Salem neighborhood is big enough for two people to spend a weekend exploring — it’s a seven-block radius, unlike historic one-block, one-street neighborhoods. many cities. Many restaurants, pubs and theaters to relax and flirt all night long.

I’m not sure I’ll find a liberal enclave encrusted with ultra-liberal politicians as a romance destination, but we’ll reserve judgment and see what else the website has to offer.

When love is so nice, you whisper it twice

Washington State, you’re up, you’re up. (That’s a hint, hint)

The most romantic place in the Evergreen State is Walla Walla!

Walla Walla is an excellent place for chic foodies and wine connoisseurs. Home to vineyards spread across rolling hills and a stunning town center, the only challenge will be deciding which restaurants to eat during your stay. My suggestion would be to extend the stay and try everything. Make yourself comfortable in as many fine restaurants as you can, taste as much wine as you can, live and let live! This place is one of those places you won’t want to leave once you get settled in.

So there you have it, Ketchum, Salem and Walla Walla. These are three of the most romantic cities in America. Once there, it’s up to you to make this beautiful Valentine’s Day music together!

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