Titles of the week: New music from The Dead Dead, The Hot Damn! and more



Our Tracks of the Week contest: a place where Bastette (less than 3,000 Facebook followers) can strike an almighty blow at the underdogs by beating Journey (over five million followers) in second place in our battle-eminence.

This is exactly what happened last week, with Journey’s The way we were loser against Bastette Talk about it, and Robert Jon & The Wreck’s Shine a light on me brother completing the highest trio.

So now that we’ve proven that miracles can happen, let’s go with another edition of Rock Music’s Favorite Weekly Poll. Please leave your vote at the bottom, but not until you’ve heard last week’s champion start over.


The Dead Dead – First Tooth

We can’t get enough of this new trio from Nashville’s hottest new trio, The Dead Dead. Rightly described as “TLC hard rock” by producer Matt Mahaffey (this also made us think of Weezer at their most chirp, mixed with Bjork around It’s so quiet), First tooth sparkles, shines and rocks hard. A legitimate banger. And as bassist Daisy Dead adds, “Nothing says swag like a brass section.” She is not wrong. Great video too.

The Cadillac Trois – Ponts

On their last album, Tabasco & Sweet Tea, the Tennessee Fab Three had their funk in a major way. We called it “a wacky and funkalicious ode to drink, smoke and fuck”. Now they are paired Bridges – a loose, juicy climax (think Tower Of Power on cornbread) – with funk’s natural companion … skateboarding, as the group crashes onto the ramps as prodigious skate star Jake Wooten flies off. up and down around them. Super tasty all of you.

The fucking hot! – Dance around

With old Amorettes and Tequila Mockingbyrds, The Hot Damn! are on a mission to create the happiest of things: rock music to dance to. With this new catchy summer under their belt, they are off to a good start. It’s like hearing Springsteen Dancing in the dark mixed with the brilliant, guitar-driven punch of Massive Wagons (not surprisingly, perhaps; Wagons guitarist Adam Thistlethwhaite co-designed it) and perfect harmonies. Adorably retro, not at all trendy and all the more fun for that.

Smith / Kotzen – Solar fire

Bruce Dickinson may be Iron Maiden’s chief howler, but guitarist Adrian Smith proves just how much he has a nifty pipe game on this Smith / Kotzen blues rock number – his joint project with Richie Kotzen (Winery Dogs, Mr Big, poison, etc.). Loose and classic sounding, with just a hint of roots crunch in the verses that reminded us of (the recent Rich Robinson batch) The Magpie Salute, it’s the sound of two big rock fish doing something purely for love it.

Comet Control – Secret Life

A gloriously woozy but groovy psychedelic festival, offsetting the pumped vibes with caffeinated drums that elevate it to headbanger status. Formed in Toronto from the ashes of local stoner heroes Quest For Fire – and starring Godspeed You! Sophie Trudeau from Black Emperor – Comet Control will warm the hearts of those who love a bit of Spiritualized, Earthless or whatever will make you see weird shit just by listening to it.

Pink Milk – Blue Eyes

Full disclosure; it’s quite on the left end of the classic rock spectrum, but we really love it, so we wanted to share it with you good people. Much like Sigur Ros meets the Cocteau Twins meets a Roadhouse star from Twin peaks (with the ghosts of Scooby doo and other creepy characters joining in on the video), it’s an ethereal, cathartic breath of dark air.

Inglorious – Midnight Sky

With the last album We will roll, it seemed like British rockers Inglorious had finally put themselves in a position where people who hadn’t taken them seriously until now could in fact. So what better way to capitalize on your newfound position of true strength to be reckoned with than by releasing an unexpected cover album and starting with a version of a Miley Cyrus song? Whether this turns out to be a bang or an act of supreme self-sabotage remains to be seen, but Midnight sky bounces like a kangaroo on cocaine, and frontman Nathan James proves once again that he can deftly handle any melody you throw at him.

Vega – Sooner or later

While we’re on the topic of Inglorious, former guitarist Wil (now Billy) Taylor joined in on very melodic rock Vega last summer, and Sooner or later is the first fruit of the new relationship. Singer Nick Workman describes the song as “a three minute slap in the face” and “a funny take on fake people who live their lives in smoke and mirrors”, but more importantly the sound of the band was reinforced and the whole thing tears and snorts like a bull charging an unprepared walker.



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